intelligent people stage an intelligence betrayal?

According to the guardian – who intelligently recasting itself as a multinational publication with the re-urling from to .com – China will buy into activities to do with Manchester city airport.
All nice and dandy as far as straight reporting might sound, untill certain terms the guardian is using, come to mind.
For example “creating jobs”, to perpetuate a myth of rich people/organisations coming from above to “invest” and “create” jobs and new opportunities for communities.. (..they are acting for profit – not even profit sharing in this case, money that will be syphooned out of the uk as well, mind – and will not be doing that without 3rd party that will come and pay.. ie sales to lesser rich people.. ie the jobs are actually there because of future sales..)

If people with intelligence do not articulate that, what do we need intelligent people for? Better cowing to chinese authoritarian capitalism (at times known as fascism..)?

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