googleglass or telepathy one?

The guardian has a feature re “telepathy one”, a single dude’s quest against the mighty google goliath with their google-glass.

He talks about sharing. Seems like the telepathy idea is, for him, something to do with sharing? Might be. However it seems for me that if he is honest, his interest is in sharing effects rather than means. Sharing effects of the technology, for example, the visuals it picks up – rather than the way elements might be shared. Hence sharing has a walled garden – like facebook – that is controlled by a single entity or even a person.
Therefore, like the dave Vs goli myth, this isn’t really a battle between radically different forces. Between radically different visions. Radically different possibilities for the future. In a sense, the battle is just of who will have the power to do the same as the other would.

Therefore I wish both telepathy one and googleglass – a quick and easily forgotten death..


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