least (required? linked? networked? found?) resistance perspective..?

Least-Resistance. (LR) ElAr. L-R. Seems like the cultural material of politics in art-linked processes.
Perhaps this is a bigbiglarge jump, so let me try to check it..
If I was water coming down a mountain, I’d flow down where sequences of materials on the way will not resist the flow too much as to stop it.
If I was water with the Intent of making the mountain less and less resistant of water flow, I’d have to take my materiality in consideration and device a Policy that both accounts for that, and my aim. (supposing I am the water drop that decides stuff for all other water drops over the place) I can now imagine some other drops questioning my aim and possibly means as well..
More over, If I was to convince all water drops, I can take the linked relations between me-water, and other materials along the mountain slope, in terms comparable to politics. ie, given my materiality, aims, and disposable energies – how will i achieve this?
Suppose I was a rock and wanted to go down that mountain slope. Would I not want to try an LR approach as well..?

Perhaps, to maximise chances of going down with the most of Me intact, as water, I’d want to use a long time and large quantities?
Maybe as a rock I’d want to use hardness, or size, to make resistors relatively weak..?

Now.. Lets say I am a film, a piece of music, a programm, or a sculpture and I want to try – as much as possible – that I will be allowed to get my path in the mountain of culture. Wouldn’t making myself relatively Big be one way? Or placing myself in the Least-Resistant-Context (“right place/time”) be another..?

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