sensing from text? the claim you are a bitch?

I don’t think so – is it the claim, or that someone – not the text – thinks like that?

What about a program?

A program?

Well.. Say when, in a way, a program allows one user to rape another?

Is it a rape or a grope?

Is it the text or a user’s intent?

Maybe the visuals?

How about in a wholly text environment?

How about the experience of both text and flesh?

How about this dude playing a woman in mmo?

But real?

The reality of touching a screen, a keyboard, a pen or other device to make words appear – does it make the words more or less meaningful?

Is it a question of meaningfulness or the fact we have words/sensations, and their various physicality allows different kinds of linking?

Are you saying that sensations from text can not be dismissed?

Why sensations?

Are you talking about deleuze and guatary kind of “primal” sensations?

Maybe tides?

hummm.. 1q2 -> p0o -> i !!! what do you think?

nada – does “1q2 -> p0o -> i !!!” mean stuff?

Say it doesn’t mean anything – do you not feel a sense of wonder re what if the text does mean something?

Say it does mean something?

Well, would it not feel different?

least (required? linked? networked? found?) resistance perspective..?

Least-Resistance. (LR) ElAr. L-R. Seems like the cultural material of politics in art-linked processes.
Perhaps this is a bigbiglarge jump, so let me try to check it..
If I was water coming down a mountain, I’d flow down where sequences of materials on the way will not resist the flow too much as to stop it.
If I was water with the Intent of making the mountain less and less resistant of water flow, I’d have to take my materiality in consideration and device a Policy that both accounts for that, and my aim. (supposing I am the water drop that decides stuff for all other water drops over the place) I can now imagine some other drops questioning my aim and possibly means as well..
More over, If I was to convince all water drops, I can take the linked relations between me-water, and other materials along the mountain slope, in terms comparable to politics. ie, given my materiality, aims, and disposable energies – how will i achieve this?
Suppose I was a rock and wanted to go down that mountain slope. Would I not want to try an LR approach as well..?

Perhaps, to maximise chances of going down with the most of Me intact, as water, I’d want to use a long time and large quantities?
Maybe as a rock I’d want to use hardness, or size, to make resistors relatively weak..?

Now.. Lets say I am a film, a piece of music, a programm, or a sculpture and I want to try – as much as possible – that I will be allowed to get my path in the mountain of culture. Wouldn’t making myself relatively Big be one way? Or placing myself in the Least-Resistant-Context (“right place/time”) be another..?