non-algorithmic programming links bin ligacow

non algorithmic as not optimal & trial/error

Not sure they are correct assuming, qualia and meaning production is non-algorithmic.. (transCultural perhaps is, Budhism is not..?)

Lisp, Haskell, Scheme. All functional = nonalgo?

are neural nets & parallelograms & multi-threads = nonalgos?


not sure how bulshit this might be.. will check with Phill – (the earlier post they claim future of programming is graphical..)

Metathoughts, penrose and non-computable “side”(??!!) of mind

— Seems related to above:

Metalogic: The non-algorithmic side of the mind from Eugenio Battaglia

I think this is the text for the slides..

Is this re problems with algorithms?

Some non-algorithic elements required?

An intriguing, historical and philosophical argument-touching article.. I think it assumes or concludes that evolution – interestingly – is non algorithmic.. I wonder if development is..?

Is this related/linked to search?

Doing Building blocks rather than algos?


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