school for poetic computation and yours honestly?

Just bumped into this poetic computation school – yup another School/Edu/Institutional/ Element – however tbh my 1st reaction was:
idk much about how/what they do + why didn’t i do that kind of stuff more since 95 when i did a few poetics with javascript?

Well.. So in a sense, should I not apply the critique I gave myself onto that activities? The reason, I seem to recall I didn’t develop more of a few elements was that I thought was:
– being too easy upon myself.. too self evident, taking X – eg a computer lingo – and making it poetic.
– too conservative in the sense that it felt like applying the known – an idea/imagination of poetics/art/culture – in a new environment, eg coding language of digital devices.
– the focus of the freshness/newness/reason-of-interest coming from the digital-devices-coding/technology/tool rather than the cultural-technology/art/poetry/imagination/ideas/language.

In a sense, isn’t the interest shown that the sfpc is banged about on the web, is pressingly that coding rather than a certain or certain newly found ways of imagining? (ie a newly found tool to apply established ways of imagining..)

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