if a + b and fulfillment of desire? or

is it desire fulfillment/s and if a + b?

Desiring as a rhythm requires a sensing link in time that is full of ifs. If i had some coffee.. Once I have coffee, the desire is dead. No ifs anymore.. Its full of certainties. No ifs, no desires.
In that sense desire is dependent on being just what it is – unfullfilled.
Like the being of if a + b that keeps questioning itself while being a in addition to b, desire can easily die once its done. In that sense, perhaps a desiring person desires desire all the time..?

is “reason” = transferability and debatability?

Am listening to:

They seem to search for an hierarchical structure, or imagine something like that. The “reason” is under the influence of “desire”, or the other way around? Is rationality, or a rational act, something that determines choice? (ie choice is under the command of rationality?) I think that perhaps the question is of Link – is rationality linked with choice? Is rationality linked with the morning sun?
In that sense, perhaps the question of rationality is that of ability to debate? I might have a desire to be Right, however, if I find out that am wrong, will that inform my desire? Will that control it, or will that still be undebatable because am trying to rationalise my desires?
In that sense, perhaps the value of rationality is in the ability to negotiate and its transferability, and transferability between people?
Is transferability a more dynamic form of being objective?