un-graffiti and a small measurement of truth?

In a tv show/spectacle called “homeland”(??), some people were asked to do stuff that Looks like graffiti, so that scenes will look “authentic”. One, or a few, of these people being asked to add the authentic feel, decided to tell a bit of a possible truth about the show, marking it as a racist spectacle. […]

art junky is conflated with a craft junky’s wishful

thinking to Be art @ Phoenix Brighton? I keep have a feeling that the link, chord, or relation between art and design has changed and perhaps require new consideration.. (can consideration be different than valuation?) It seems that in the past the line between xraft, design and art was very thin and at times, perhaps […]

RT @aslam This weekend is the …

RT @aslam This weekend is the first National Day of Civic #Hacking (in the US) – http://ur1.ca/e4roc