rape spectacle audience power and money or

any numerical exchange? Was watching a bad film feeling fascinated. The accused is an illustrative cinema with predictable characters, narrative and an instrumental cinematic tropes.. However, I lingered on because there seem to be some unintended elements that revealed darker imaginations.. One was regarding the role of audience/crowd in a spectacle/act. The other was the […]

quick question re abstraction and reflection and

spectacle? If/when an apple is abstracted to a number – say 1 – then it can be argued that the 1 reflects upon the apple, yes? However, does it also spectacularise the apple, or the 1 (ie the act of abstraction) or both, or something else, or something else as well – or the spectacle […]

every day is, for me #IWD – at…

every day is, for me #IWD – attitudes, social, personal & cultural should not be #performative #spectacle of 1 day but constant practice