how to kill a us president without taking their life while being a mass murderer?

How do I imagine a couple being accused of being a mass murderer by killing bush/obama/clinton – while the accuser acknowledging the people are still alive? I think this will be an interesting and worth while search in itself! However, or it might be an element of the search, the question of act & language […]

under the stand hypo stasis sub stance behind the visible

It feels like the terms we use for imagining how stuff IS, are based on concepts of ancient minds that asked questions of in-consequential nature? Perhaps epistemological nature when we try to get ontological? How come these ideas come to mind.. Hummm.. Well: * it began by checking substance. Sub and stance which has a […]

performance philosophy conference survey results

Presenters of performance philosophy conference filled in the survey, you should see the results bellow.. If not, there is a pdf file attached here: pp survey replies by participants – who did the questions?? I think the questions, and the way they perform are fascinating. Perhaps I am really interested about the processes that seem […]