a note re trans-lation & inter-pretation

Probably nothing new nor novel, but to help clarify the difference between interpreting and translating in my mind. To inter-prate it seems there is an operation to Understand – not The whole – but some of what and how another entity is being. (eg communicating, signalling, moving, thinking, etc.) This involves an attempt to create […]

more musings re logic and search sequences?

am distubed by representational and descriptive approaches in logic (desc). where lambda is actua‌teresting imho is generation of other stuff. even logic tables do rep of themselves, no new stuff comes.. however if search in my mind – perhaps only there, seems to offer making too eg never know context, never know times, speed, way […]

2ness? N(unmber)ness?

Am feeling critical re ideas to do with chairness as well as fearness – the sensation of fear as an aesthetic practice. The disturbing element in mind is the fact that, stuff like lessness, etc. can obviously be with Other elements, and these other elements might have nothing todo with neither less nor lessness but […]

nba basketball?

I used to follow bits of nba basketball. Ever since childhood, there was something in the range of basketball’s rhythms, frequencies.. Something I used to call “chess in motion”, but Chess is the wrong metaphor. More like “Go in motion” – but probably not that. Its the combination of body and bodies in quick transitions […]

ranges of terrorism

or terror of ranges without definitions? from rome leaped panic yet amokly to Robespierre Pre big T of 01 and the big whoosh. An attempt to make an international convention – (and comprehensive at such.. though not sure if its re terror definition or attempt itself..) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-terrorism_legislation the email case of riseup

if y . () then ?

The then is environmental, no? We have a search sequence or a prposition in traditional algorithmic and computational format: eg let a + b )then we get ab etc.) Once we let the then sequence element drop, the former 1st part has to alter to account for that: if y . This though has 3, […]

rhythmic languages of skateboard road frictions?

we can have the time added via distance placements, no? x mins apart. on physical. might correspond developmentally or recursively, or generatively etc with a map or a . = x mins or an act5ual x mins silence etc.?