connection exchange with smart phones/devices

Have noticed recently that devices like get more wide spread, or more main-streamly manufactured. Apple will have one, Samsung will as well, and that’s fairly main stream..
People think of these devices as watches. In fact, I think they are referred to as “smart watches”. However, I think, for me, the interesting bit is that they represent a function change of mobile devices. The link between the wrist device and a pocket/bag/mobile device might change the way we use the mobile devices and imagine them. Currently, the mobile device is there for me to use for answering calls with, to check my email, to take a pic with, etc.. However, the idea with “smart watches” is exactly to turn such usages slightly redundant, or utterly so. The idea is that via the connection between the wrist device and the mobile one, I could check messages on my wrist. I could leave the mobile device in my pocket, and take a picture, or add stuff to my calendar tapping on my wrist..
In fact, the mobile device is kind of becoming sort of mother-ship onto which various other gadgets could connect, liase, and offer better design and function solution than a slab could.
For me, I think that the mobile device, from a do it all – where everything is concentrated, like a mini PC – is going to evolve to, in a sense, mobile server. In that sense, it will serve my calls to a voice chat device, a camera device might be on my eyes, a keyboard device on my arm, and so on.. However, if indeed we are talking about a mobile server, will such devices be there to talk to one another? to share inter-dependency and distribution? Or will these servers be dependent upon a death star in the shape on a corporation which will control each via a forest of its arbitrary will and political power?

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