discussion about uk military reveals the gulf between the rulers

and the ruled?
Noticed top story in today’s guardian, an assertion by a US militant, Robert Gates, that british military “risks” being underspent. The guardian’s excused reason to put this blurb on top of its website is, I suppose, the element of risk, rather than, for example: at long last.. (..am saying that because it could say something like a heading that celebrates the military cuts, rather than being alarmist emphasising a “risk”)

In that slight emphasis usage, the guardian indeed shows itself being part of the ruling classes in british society today. And judging by the recent domain name change, and added geographies, (from co dot uk to dot com, and added US and AU) the guardian has an ambition to be part of a wider than merely blighty’s rulling classes..

Refreshingly, the readers, the ruled are, by enlarge, very happy indeed about the news. Despite some the said efforts, do not buy into the risk perception, but realise military cuts are indeed very very welcome and long long long over due?

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