egypt and the beginning of our democratic endings?

The coup against the tyrannical/power-hungry/naive – take your pick – rule of un-elected + elected majority of religious heads in egypt has turned into a full blown bloodbath. The army shoots demonstrators, blames demonstrators, and casts fog as to what on earth is going on, and how come over 500 people get in the way of sniper bullets without noticing it.

Where are the voices of democrats now?
Where are the voices of democracies now?

The silent voices about egypt open the space for people like erdogan – who very recently didn’t hesitate to have a go at people in turkey – to posture as a friendly person concerned by civilian deaths and killing.
The meek voices that call for “calm” deprive the future moralistic ground of saying “stop!!” when the killers are not west’s bestest of friends..
The continuous tacit support for egypt’s new rulers might also pave a way for claiming democratic ways are not so very pan human. Here we have a group of murdered religious psychopaths that I, and possibly many other democratic minded people, utterly disagree with. However, is this disagreement more important than their right to live?
Is this disagreement more important than the ability to continue the dialogue around it?
We do not normally have much dialogue with dead people, and grieving communities, people who share a sense of responsibility for others who died for their cause, find it even harder to converse because of the possibility that friends died for a mistaken cause..

If we can not argue energetically for democratic processes in every human society, perhaps indeed democratic processes are not as important as we might have thought..
Do we have others?
If our democratic processes are not as important as we thought. If such processes that helped bring a culture of ever greater emancipation and equality among various social elements, if such processes that helped sorting issues among ourselves via words rather than sticks, are not relevant any more – what is there as a replacement?
I think that if we stop arguing for the pan-human – perhaps even pan-entity – bases of democratic processes, then we’ll slowly realise these processes and the culture that come with them, will shrink at home.. A bit like Kafka’s observation that 1st they go for the migrants, then the “jews”, and so, until it is You. Or a bit like the way we can witness how drones have been used upon “enemies” and are slowly being introduced in police domestic activities – I think that democratic processes erode 1st in our links with the “outside”.. Just like such links can feed greater energies when democratic processes are indeed pressed ahead with..

<!NotE!> I do think that our democratic processes are all too minimal and lacking many elements that we should do for, perhaps, better evolving them. However, just because the element is organic and evolving, does not mean the element/entity has to be killed off..

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