emancipation, equality, and integration as capitalistic objectives or?

are these just the way the left has demonstrated its capitalistic culture? Perhaps something else..
Since am fairly immanently to visit Frankelinstine again 🙁 am checking the news there as I want to get a feel of whether or not am stepping into a bombing campaign..
Noticed a view by the new top israel of bank cahoona, that the group of people they name “israeli arabs” should have, in effect, less discrimination against them – because otherwise “israel” will suffer economically. (from a capitalist perspective..)

Does this not imply that in effect, the 20th century’s leftist efforts for integration, equality and emancipation of minorities and groups discriminated against was, in a effect, an effort to support and entrench capitalism?
It was not in intent.
However, I’d argue that perhaps the ability of a fair few people to perceive these processes as objectives, as being able to be encapsulated by, for example, laws – made it very capitalistic friendly. Hence we could get people like Blair & Clinton, & Fukuyama saying that we have reached a point of no need to press on with stuff like equality – because we already have It. As if the process of equality is a product..(??)

This actually makes me think there is a sort of similarity with art.. In the sense that art is a process – not a product – yet people rather treat art as an It with products/projects/objects..

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