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Imagining with a B?

I think that perhaps epigentic research is checking stuff in relation to genes. What epigentic elements/information/data – not Questions – do to genetic information.elements.data.materials and how they LINK.


Am concerned that that the imagination is binary, not interlinked and perhaps even unified. eg are we searching epigenetics and genes – or biological strands/modes/abstracts?

Therefore am looking into this from a naive and empty timespace:




are these kind of real BioRhythms– ?:?


Quantitative – not qualitative?? – gnome measurments?

A basic intro to mathematical Modes

Why ask about Mother? Why WHAT? (rather than How Parental or ancestral?

epigenes and genes – no matter which is chicke/egg – create rhythms!

Genome-wide Epigenetic Data Facilitate Understanding of Disease Susceptibility Association Studies


Mean, median, Mode and range in Maths

Sequence has a logic in it http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/S/sequence.html


http://----escape_sem_autolink_uri:442a3b155f0b071452e1c835365fbb61---- reality?

about borispol??


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