epigenetic – modes – strands – questions and borispol berlin art brighton brasilia

Imagining with a B? I think that perhaps epigentic research is checking stuff in relation to genes. What epigentic elements/information/data – not Questions – do to genetic information.elements.data.materials and how they LINK.   Am concerned that that the imagination is binary, not interlinked and perhaps even unified. eg are we searching epigenetics and genes – […]

Borispol, Berlin, Brighton, Brasila – initial questions for the search in Borispol

I have to go to Hell** again and this time the flights options included Berlin or Borispol/Kiev. People tell me that I HAVE to visit Berlin, and everytime I hear about the place am salivating with notions and ideas. So I thought it could be an opportunity to spend some time in the city and […]

How to imagine aesthetics of a living-dead firefly?

The proposal How to imagine aesthetics of a living-dead firefly? – an Invite As part of Phoenix Brighton’s Final Light: Luminous Experiments for Glowing Creatures http://www.phoenixarts.org/ – You are invited to join the research activity that will form the practice of the attempt to find out – maybe even create – the aesthetics of at least […]