how to wind imagine sense imagination?

How a wind memorably lingers unutterable connections through an imagination?

For some

humans, other sentients, and seemingly less animated beings

frictions with winds are like dreams in european cultivated minds, they are perceived as personal, solely experienced by individuals, since wind blows are sensed while winds remain unseen.
Effects and affects however, as art evolutions keep proving, have their own narratives.

How an imagination, sometimes my own too, is windy through connections from unutterable lingering movements?

Once the windy connecting sensation is unuttered repeatedly.
Once chanted. Once sensed.
Once allowed. Once imagined yet again.
Once a one is an infinite-able evolving imagination.
Once one is allowed to be a being from a beating rhythm.
Once even one single sensation from winds of unutterable connections in yours, main and their sensations –
how will we not have a desire from an infinite doom of a joyfully memorable evolving sense-wind?

Once..? Perhaps..?
Since this text is here as an offer?

Words? yes.
Language? tick that too.
On the face of it fascist – guilty through guilt-notice.

However, an offer welcomed to be refused, rebuffed, disputed and infused through alterities some of which are yet to be.
Can this not fail as an offer rather than a compilation composed to compel, an impelling spell as horns honed to drill an unhealable hole through a person’s fearlessness aspiring being?