infographics debates and point missing?

Just had a read of this pro minimalistic inforgraphics post. On a google analytics’s info site..
Anyhow.. seems like the thrust – if there is one – is that they rather like the minimalistic infographics approach/language/entity/organism. Seems kind of fair enough until bits in their descriptions/reasoning pop up.. eg – look, these lots of colour, images, etc. infographics are “noisy”. Or that everything should be from one page.. Seems like a fair bits of rules, golden rules, and assumptive attitude about who the other people are.. eg you and me that might check the graphics..

Socio political and cultural plausible implications aside..

Would it not be far more radical to say that infact there is a process that can be done with data.. Others as well, however this one is there to – that of INFOGRAPHICISATION. The making of infographics of data.
Now this process/practice/organism/language could have many different iterations, versions as well as variants and accents – however the artistic imagination/approach/thinking about it will be that of making it available, of letting it be searched and researched.. That way, you can go out of the guide/object/objective/finite production mind mode, and into a far more open.. Far more simple and complex process, no?

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