valve’s version of un-managed workers in a capitalist game?

Valve, by bbc hacks, is doing some bossless working time with the idea that people will produce more and better without a manager to boss them about.

Workers owning, running and thriving in running workplaces runs deep in time, and in my pov can be traced to pre-roman slave liberation movements.

In this Valve’s iteration of the practice, I find it interesting that the company and its capitalistic structure stays in tact. – The For profit & exploitation structure and practices, for selling stuff to maximise profits & for exploiting products, users and workers for that profit aim..

Is this another example of capitalism nicks socialist/anarchist/communist practices for its own money – numerical exchange – gain?
The case of Monopoly comes to mind here, where the game was slightly – with no understatement – rehashed from a socialist game that highlighted the plague of ownership..)

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