is archiving and databasing the Wrong terms to consider art

in the way of data structuring/arranging..?

In linked posts till now, I was talking/imagining in the sequence/trajectory/rhythm of:
Search – activity/ies – activities/practices-self recorded/documented – the recorded/documented stuff being placed in a database of some sort – —>> Hence the db is structured to accept the data.. eg have a time/duration field, and/or place of production, main day period of work, etc..

This imagines the parameters conservatively, in hindsight, and as if these were elements that live in duality with some sort of an out-side environment.. Elements that these signify, are signs of, refer to.
Also, the approach is restrictive.. I’d say, optimistic about restrictiveness.. Even worst – pre-conceptualised restrictions.. eg, the data should be based on time, ab artists’ arbitrary birth place, or circumstantial living place?

Am beginning to imagine 2, possibly 2?, other elements todo with archiving/database-basing:

* what if the stuff is untaged/un-categorised to begin with, and slowly gains tags by people?
this still is a dualistic – meta info / info-of-object – sort of imagination..

* perhaps will be more interesting to have the linking/taging idea as an innate element of the data itself..? Every bit and byte is linkable via various means to another..
could be a number, a type, a period.. in a sense the data is not outside the data-base/archive, but forms a language of the archive in and of itself, no?

if we consider the communityboxes in etinterbro dead-sea instance as having archives that are part of the environment and time/period – how will these Be rather than be speaking of this..?

Similarly, in other instances of communityboxes, I think this kind of a question could provide an energising question.. Energising because then it makes the whole thing a bit more than a fairly dumb drop database, and creates a practice that is more responsive with its environment.. Not necessarily in art alone.. This can be used in other sequences, as part of housing, a home, a conference, etc..

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