radio free europe or a road to a freely available

dictatorship of capital?

Bumped into radio free europe – radio liberty (rferl), which perhaps I should have noticed some time ago.. Their “mission statement” seems slightly interesting because they link democracy, free and uncensored information, with “free markets”. (I suppose the reference is free market capitalism style, rather than. for example, an exchange platform where people might be free to evolve free ways of exchanging. ie ways that might introduce less oppression..)

Am struck by how anachronistic the idea of free market and democracy sounds like… Despite the chinese style free market capitalism that gathers financial power as we speak, in spite of russian capitalistic authoritarianism, in fact, looking at the list of countries’ rferl rightly suggests oppression is rife links to places with usa style regimes, and the recent nsa leaks – to claim an inherent link between democracy and capitalism’s free market – does it stand?

Here’s another example..
It might be that uk mortgage repayments will have to rise – because a few rich people can afford to heat up the market.. ie the general population will pay for
a few people’s financial powers. Would we have voted for that?
Has there been a debate on the outcome of rich people’s fuelled ecoboom?
Can people, freely – ie without fear nor worry for negative responses – bring the wheel of housing boom back..? (..or if they tried to even imagine that, they’d be told of un imaginable negative repercussions..?)

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