autonomy (im)possible in the shadow of radical-openness?

A few months ago I applied to attend the radical-openess 2014 event. The application was rejected and that gave rise to what seems like an interesting opportunity to Do the stuff suggested on the application in a different way – a manner which might be perceived as being in the shadow of the event taking […]

autonomy (im)possible in the shadow of radical-openness – emails

There was a bit of an email exchange sequence to do with the refusal by radical openness to support the shadow-spot idea. Here’s the text: (minus some personal details..) > Dear Aharon, Dear Ushi, Many thanks for your considered reply. Thoughtful and provoking! Cheers! 🙂 Apologies for late reply. Am currently in Palestine doing various […]

imitating emergence via design for the spirit and forgetting skateboarding urban soul?

With spirit as a generalised term for aspiration drive, and soul as a general term for character – perhaps should use character..(??!!) It seems interesting that a skateboarding space that emerged, a bit like other urban elements tend to emerge unintentionally from design, suddenly nedds to be moved. However, to justify the move, they want […]

soylent, broccoli and me?

I have been recommending soylent, and considering it myself – for when I have time and money to organise – for some time now. However, one of my constant grimes with soylent is the feeling it is a sort of conservative effort. Not simply because of its capitalistic outlook – getting funds to automate and […]

ghosts tourists?

Perhaps its a knee-jerk reaction to the life of ghost towns, but photography, somehow ironically, as a reflective media, seems to show that there is much more in there, much more to practice with deserted places worldwide. In my mind there are un-utterable links between ghosted places. Probably mixed with the sense of organic movements […]