what’s in naming a place?

Palestine is a name, no?
So why not just call it “israel”?
It seems to me that the name “israel” distorts what there is there in terms of groups and groupings of people. (assuming the naming thing is to do with people rather than giving winds directions..)
How so?
Lets say we called the usa of a California, or the british islands, the “english” islands…?
Point taken. But!! But why “palestine” rather than, say the ancient name of Canaan?
Yes, “palestine” has the difficulty of zionist and jews not feeling too palestinian. However, it highlights the fact that the people who feel slightly un happy about “palestine” are there as occupiers and yet – can be defined by palestine, even in their own terms. ie one can be palestinia and a jew and a zionist. One can not be an israeli and a palestinian refugee. Indeed, even the palestinians who are israelies are not reffered to as “palestinians” by the israelies, but as “arabs”. “israeli arabs”.
So palestine is a broader term in the area?
yes. however, perhaps not broad enough?
It seems that a wider x community name might be better than “palestine” – just am yet to find one.. Here’s an early attempt:
Canaan might be a good idea, however recently it has been used by the Cannites group, hence perhaps not entirely X community. Also, I think it conjours a certain pagan past of the area – based on writings islamic and jewish people think of as rather important – hence, might not exactly be defining for them.
How about the in-between-land?
Do you think the place is artistic?

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