where do we search from when we use freedom?

ok.. this is an honest-intended-felt question..

okturtles (good luck to them), claim that “Freedom has a Namecoin”. That via Hiding/Encrypting messages, we will be free to exchange ideas and express ourselves as we might please – or there about. (they are not very precise in how freedom is, errr, defined.. kind of cool when you think that freedom is precisely to be and Be undefined..)

However, do I really want to live in a society where & when to feel – and perhaps not be – free is dependent upon hiding from power? Sure, sometimes I might fancy stating stuff anonymously – and that can be a part of a number of sequences – but I’d like to be free to say Hey I think xyz, without having to suffer fears.
My worry, hopefully unjustified and mistaken, is that precisely via goodoers projects like okturtules, what in fact we are doing socially and culturally, is legitimising fear of fearless speech. We say that instead of attempting to evolve a society that slowly pushes fear away, we’d rather have sort of “instant freedom”, a quick and dirty shot that makes us feel free without actually being free. In a sense, enshrining the violent activities that prompt the need to Be free in the 1st place..

Also noticed that this freedom might come at a cost, or an escalating costs via kickstarter push.. Its not up there yet, so will keep an eye..

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