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for the day?

link and #art?

Here’s a linking machine made from a perceived section of artistic linked history. You get to choose 2 images and the machine will link them. The machine has an algorithm that will make links, it requires links even when “there are none”. Does it imagine in links? does it not link just by making a […]

imagining and imagining and yet a bit more?

Do you know people that go: i presume that X (something) is going to happen – therefore am going to do Y (something as a reaction, or linked to the thing they presumed is going to happen)? Like my father? Like the person that presumed they’ll have a job tomorrow and borrowed heavily based on […]

a gene, epigene kind of art gallery orientation?

a bit of a mad prions gallery? an evo-lisa epigenetic gallery? a non fantasy fantastic prion molecule gallery from images? a genetic art from images java style? a genetic cow gallery? an epigenetic landscapes? a genetic circus gallery? an epigenetic imprint? an epigenetic sculpting of stemcells circulates, still? epigenetic elements in the process of seeing/viewing, […]

which gallery does dna?

the dna from belin based international artists? a transatlantic contemporary art dna? a young artists’ dna from beauty and art marriage? a dna armchair? the dna from gallery and artists shop? a double d from dna design? the dna of an art residency invite only? a gizmo dna?

love, kant and if?

ever met someone, fell inlove and sensed like you’ve always loved them? knowing you never knew them throughout your life? like one could tell themselves that indeed they didn’t know the loved one yesterday – and even recall that day which they weren’t inlove – yet they can sense as-if they knew and were inlove […]