iff if but not then a potential nor speculation

Just had a read/look at the forest bridge proposal (not suggestion??) for london’s tourists, rich and other possible interested parties and individuals. (gee, this line is full of drivel, but hey, need to get on into the meat of this post, no?)

I really wonder whether the making of this image is transforming the imagination into a sort of something that is More than a suggestion but a speculative proposition perhaps.

Maybe a speculation, full and dry?

The images says, in my view, lets See how the imagination of having X bridge will look-like. How the imagination will Be non imagination but an implementation. How we kill the imagination of if forest+bridge+london as an imagination sequence that might be in and of itself, a body and an embodiment – and make it in a need for a different body and an embodiment… In that sense, in my mind, this image represents a kick into how imagination operates in and of itself as an independent element.
The image, and I have done such mistakes as well, illustrates an If – but does more than that, it comes to say: Look, I have been considering all these aspects of Actualisation of an If sequence, give me the dosh and I’ll make it!

An if imagination, in my mind, goes into a different time, rhythm and sequences. Into the particularities of the imagination itself rather than its implementations. eg if london, how is the london in this if? eg if walk from southbank to soho. if london bridge to westminster bridge? if urban particulars linked by intervals? and so on..

This way perhaps we can make a different sort of sequence, of intervals in urban environments?


imagining urban beats and intervals?

the question in mind is HOW these are to be imagination and shared among elements rather than be communicated and/or become something to Be only if it is not an imagination any more..

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