hack the barbican opera hack

Following the initial exchange idea for barbican hacking month 2013, and the visit there on Thursday 27.06 – it occurred to me there could be other interesting activities to do there.. One of the ideas(??) is the barbican opera, which I think works pretty simply..? I will go around chatting with artists – not visitors […]

over complicating with wrong questions – an example?

in the previous post i expressed a common and unfortunate – in my view – mistake. The mistake, i think, is that of haNGING ON to the known. Perhaps there is a rhyme in it – but as common with many rhymes, they come to substitute thinking. (eg, for easier memory, etc..) I thought through […]

Performance Philosophy paper – Cross questioning unknowns with knowing nots

In this paper, I will use the question of doing philosophy through performative acts for investigating how, through crossing of seemingly unrelated elements, new entities of questioning, knowledge. and practices are created. “Diogenes the Dog”, the name of a human that metaphorically crossed species with canine, illustrates how such crossings produces a new knowledge. e.g. […]