net nutrality demonstrates the non nutrality and illetimacy of money?

numerical exchange? or is it just a corrupt island – a where there is a sequence of covering practices between seeming intent (just people with concerns), driving intent (pay people to play as if they are concerned – ie no discussion possible because what they say they want is not what they really want or give a shit about), and entities that pay while knowing that the very fact they have to pay, undermines their argument while raising its visibility, yet that very visibility is that of a bubble because the means undermine it.. Like bought love.. Check this out..?

a few thoughts about, err, Media – not The-media

This wordpress software ahs a feature called “media”. What is meant by “media” is added files which contain sounds, images – moving or static – and perhaps texts.
I have a problem with that definition.

Earlier today, I noticed an open call for “experimental media” where all they mean is – i conclude from the fact they want “video” submissions – experiments with moving images.

I have a problem with that as well!

Maybe I am a problematic kind of a guy?

Does it matter? Does it matter who I am?

..or does it matter that, for example, the crack between my floor boards is not seen as “media”? Or that the cream tube, actually the cream in the tube, under my hand – is not “media”. Or even the factness of a cream in a tube under my hand – is not seen as “media” – and so on..

In a sense, “media” is a layer of Share-ability. Either an ensabler for sharing X – or an integral element that makes X shareable. Hence in that kind of thinking:
I skateboard, and then Mediates that via text/image, etc.
I write and share that writing via a network. But the network is not seen as a media in itself, but a medium, a filter.

Now, the stuff the grinds me – the “problem” – is that however sharing occurs, it is a part of a whole. I can not say that writing about skateboarding does not affect skateboarding. However, the pretence that is embedded in the idea of “writing about” – this is About a subject that am disconnected from.
In fact the image/text is part of the Subject, and if it is, surely, why use an instant layer to mediate rather than stuff/process/practice that is a part of the activity? Why create the instant distance of an emperor’s clothes? Why create such a corruption instantly? Surely, there must be simpler ways..?