when freedom is google, ms, twitter, apple, fb and

other corporations to define – individual rights are an option and financial requirements are above the law..

Based on the guardian reporting that the top digital capitalistic corporations that:
* they are concerned about “trust” in the internet. Read – trust in certain corporations, and/or how it is currently organised – not the internet as a whole or the ability to organise it differently.. Indeed, I think the very idea of doing internet differently is a worry for such corporations.. No?
Perhaps the duplicity of corporations pressing governments to amend legislations and practices towards being more “open” and “transparent” while themselves being happy to harvest data and treat it as their own for financial gains – is slightly telling? (ie they rely on trust..)
* the corporations are happy to frame the debate in terms of freedom vs security – eg accepting certain instances that governments might have to invade privacy, etc.. This is a false dichotomy, freedom is how we get secured, not some sort of extra privilege.. Life in an authoritarian environment is a constant security threat.. Read the Trial, or watch the film adaptations.. Check the secured lives in Nazi germany or the feel-good of people under the shah, or shia-islam, or the saudi kingdom, or people’s republic of china..?

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