about abstraction or abstracts and memories or sort of

freedom? It just occurred to me that it seems like for being able to recall information, we tend to use ways of keeping links to memory abstract. To be crude, an outline of a person is enough for recalling their being in a certain place. No need to recall what they were wearing until the […]

hummm.. an attempt to blog from quitter?

comments? –> produce the effect because people know am trying to get a certain effect? a few seconds ago from web Reply 3009381 Delete ahanon ahanon #comments? -> to play, to game while attempting to appear Not playing nor gaming? Or if am clear re stating for effect, then am unable to -> about 2 […]

google – fit for tyranny?

Authoritarian, often tyrannical, sometimes fascistic and by default oppressive operations/organisations, tend to seek legitimacy. Legitimacy minimises the cost of control as it creates an obeying population that follows the rules from their own volition. A bit of a research of history, might conjour up how, for example, fascist tyrannies, would excuse behaviour by claims for […]

revolving clarity? art? else? what?

How come an image that depict a network, might – or might not – be art in my view. However, stuff – an image or word, a sound or a scent, a thought or a sand grain – that might use network to be how it is, that the thought will be made of network […]

non recepe from which to search type of sequences, waves, and other searches?

an apple? ginger? rhubabhab? hot chilli? coffee? All these are the ingerients of my current breakfast. I could claim them to come under breakfast recepe category for which the abstraction could be of food, time linked with body waking and/or following a rest/sleep and with the intent of getting stuff to last for a while.. […]

abstraction/s note/s +- 0 =

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not big on politics?

Perhaps I was wrong when labeling green party a fail for the fact they have an mp but stumble in the face of ukip. It looks now at least, that the rise of ukip has – seemingly in and of itself – generated a counter-move..? Might be an interesting sequence in and of itself – […]

baka evolution development and stupid?

Baka, as the unregistered conflation, might be in evolution/development? Or stupid? Some people, while referring to evolution, imagining the process in developmental terms. Hence the expectation is of Betterment. The car, shoes, software, etc, of the latest – or contemporary version – should be better than what was before? Or when I mention something evolved […]

useless senseless illogical logic?

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intervals in survey aesthetics?

i wonder if the interval(?)/link(?) between surveys’ questions the results/outcome with the non asking of the question – is, in effect, the doing of survey aesthetics..? These sort of 3 elements dynamics? like a 3 way love stories?

if and (its?) time?

if as a logical operator is part of a sequence that tends to bring a then – time – and its exceptions, else. If XX Then ^^ Else its <> and so on.. The Then is in itself a time element. In other words, its an operation that “waits” for its time to show its […]

55k core under strategic violence?

Disney used 55k core computer to render its new 90 odd mins visual take-away entertainment. Think perhaps it might be fair to speculate: * Most people will not experience the difference between films and their render core powers. * Some people will experience the difference. * Most and some people will be awed by the […]

weathering storms or storms or stormified stormy storms?

The guardian informs of “disruptions” for untold number of job lovers’ on the way to realise their dreams this morning – by the un sportive tail end of a hurricane they call “gonzalo”. Storms and economic linked activities have a fair bit in common. When the capitalist economy has to fold a bit every now […]

1 single pixel in mind?

Noticed this link headlined something to the tune of 1 pixel camera. Reminded me an old idea of 1 px portraits. The idea was to reduce portraits to single pixels, basically. The link – not the content – gave me the idea that perhaps someone went a step further and made a camera that takes […]

states, organisationss, times and crimes?

A state is an organisation, just like a mafia, a religion, a corporation, etc. are. However, perhaps “state” organisation has a slightly different dna than the mafia’s? On the face of it, saying that states are just like any other organisations, seems cool. However, I think there is a certain difference for states, something perhaps […]

a hydra-loop?

A loop that generates heads of its own? Is that a hydra loop? How does it operate? (why did I begin with the name rather than description?!!??) Any how.. Was considering the students at uni. Many seem to be fairly focused on training for a job – rather than getting educated in art/journalism/media/etc.. The focus […]


Am interested in this “rawaway”.. To beging with, i think it seems like something that with a few clues will provide a certain explanation about what it might be. To raw away? However, because it is taken from (d)rawaway, we get an action – of abstraction, based on the literal meaning of abstraction – to […]