china and boycotts?

Sometimes it is tempting to boycott china’s products. The chinese state is authoritarian, capitalist, exploitative, and enslaving. The chinese regime is, in my opinion, an expression of how fascism is alive today. (together with the russian state..) Am using the term fascism in the sense that these regimes unify senses of nationalism, authoritarianism, and capitalist […]

dave cam as a cultural critic in-spite of his best efforts?

OK.. I don’t like the personal oriented heading for this post. (alternative suggestions are welcome!) According to the guardian’s heading, a focus on prime-ministerial xmass message is the outrage of reminding us that in a defunct UK democracy, when inclusiveness is being forgotten in the burning altar of periodically convenient majoritarian approach, david’s focus […]

mines of occupation?

A last coal mine was shut in Britain today. Why people got upset? Why people try to keep working in mines, developing a culture of such activities, and are sad when its gone? Mines killed and are killing people. They kill people via work conditions, and pay that can never compensate for the loss of […]

a quick search art from various cards?

If a search from: art +scratch +cards ? i got: if if ? if art manifesto +loyality cards ? if if if art +loyality cards ? if if if each card is a sub artists movement? if each art movement and its subs are power? if each art movement […]

Goals as metrification of desires?

Occupied by capitalism? I think I am. For a while, I have been occupied by the idea of money’s exchange-ability. The numericality of currency, in various forms, which seems to make everything conform to its values, processes, practices, mechanisms, politics and culture. ie, from the question of people’s choice of university courses based on hoped […]

philosophy and mathematics in a historical sporting arena?

A note re – The book is too expensive, and the review mentions philosophers in general – ones that are out to reconfirm aristotle. If reconfirming aristotle – then perhaps the very philosophy talked about as losing in some historical game – is not entirely the kind we recognise contemporarily? Perhaps my personal interest […]

zizek and violence of bone breaking?

Last night on the move, I noticed an article by zizek regarding war, turkey, isis and europe. While I agree the eu deal to pay turkey is both a sad true and shamefull beyond words, was surprised to hear the authoritarian and despicable islamist regime of turkey was supposedly calling for an isis embassy in […]

error in !art as a program?

Following an interview on: I bumped into – Clicked refresh. Something wanted to do one thing or another. Had a look at the code. Supposed to pick images from a folder called scrap. Hummm.. An interesting sensation, no? My mind is, perhaps too heavily, into questions of performance, action, operation and intervals between […]

IF citizenship?

Following recent Palestine oriented adventures, and a chat with a friend, am considering to take the wondering from IF citizenship into a possible TV documentary. Nutshell? Lets question citizenship from ownership point of view. We have net citizenship, state citizenship, digital citizenship, etc. – and a fair few people who need one of these but […]

a bigotry from Palestine?

On the flight from Kiev to Palestine (aka Israel, the state organisation for zionist and jewish communities of Palestine) I sat next to a couple that told me they are just back from a “roots tour” in the Ukraine. Roots tour, I asked surprised. What do you mean? The obliged readily to explain. Explaining is […]

in between, interval and now in suspense? #art,

I have been arguing(?) has some connection or links with being a Being in between. An interval that operates dysfunctionaly towards itself. Hence art objects are not functional in the survival and purposeful sense – they seem to be beyond the mere desire to survive. Artistic practices operate beyond being non-functional, as say do a […]

a few notes re holes in bombing isis arguments?

Hilary Ben seem to have made a most persuasive speech for uk to join the bombing fest in Syria. (even the telegraph seems impressed by Hillary’s words, declaring him a “true” leader.) A few thoughts re holes in the arguments he presented: – Labour has always been happy to join wars for just causes. eg […]