voice recognition – more buzz re interface?

Voice recognition, in terms of voices, are they not kind of networked? One person’s voice is recorded as data to be applied in different configurations/links.. Also, sort of history of voice recognition tools.. Is that a new kind of music/sound carrier? http://www.theverge.com/2013/9/17/4596374/machine-language-how-siri-found-its-voice#ooid=NkYTdtZTrBuyoLnxbvkZoBijwnNDnlLh


How to be a collidable network sound and live to tell about it? (H2BACNSAL2TAI?) WHAT IS H2BACNSAL2TAI? H2BACNSAL2TAI is a group activity that builds, and possibly destroys, a sonic network. H2BACNSAL2TAI imagines how networkable sound lives, from the view of sounds, via to the creation of collisions & networks. Data networks made of bits known […]

Brighton Rome Roma Brighthelm (BRRB)

general idea To bring geographically mapped sounds from Rome into Brighton and vice versa. We will take the exact measurements of Rome, be it within the 7 hills, and superimpose the resulting coordinates onto Brighton. These coordinates will serve to map the locations of sounds in Rome, and play them in the corresponding geo locals […]