tories cruelty and cultural DNA?

When a DNA might be metaphorical, perhaps its a repetition of acts of same type. When the tories of 90’s kept and justified keeping a prisoner in chains while she was giving birth, people got a bit upset realised the conservatives are a nasty party. A rather more contemporary version is cruelty to the Outsider? […]

theoretical #art as in practice?

Theory, in my view, tends to be jailed in some minds within a dualistic frame. Theory and practice. We might produce a theory of a given subject X, and then supposed to “prove” the theory in practice. Say a theory of X might be: X used to be Z, it is in time Z + […]

capitalisatioN and Occupation links?

There seem to be a tentative possible link between capitalisation and occupation in the sense of control, seizure possession and extraction of “values”. Occupation as a seizure of time/land and using that to control the property that one got a hold of? I think there is an implicit violence in the act of getting the […]

lego #art and no-go all gone?

Lego refused selling some of its bricks to ai weiwei saying the rather not get linked with politics? (Or perhaps the meant politics critical of china? So some people who already have some of the lego bricks, decided to donate their bricks to ai. When people decide to boycott lego’s products, do they not make […]

#art, football and free source?

Last night some footie supporters seem to have pinned something I couldn’t, in a very few words and communicable way: “£64 a ticket, but without fans, football is not worth a penny”. Could this not be: “£X an art? without audiences, art does not worth a penny.” or “£x for a social-network/search-engine’s etc. shares? Without […]

perhaps #art and maybe wonder?

Am wondering whether it can be argued that #art is a question of how wonders can be/live-and-die-and-evolve in all, or towards the most/lot of, human/organisms/beings endeavours?

when abstract has a character?

I think there are are what might be termed “theories of abstract” that are dualistic to a certain extent. Philosophically they seem Platonic in the way they divide between abstract and concrete.

theoretical #art? link that probably

connect with art theory despite a “theoretical art” heading?

the infinity of not counting?

In my simple and/or simplistic mind, the sign of infinity denotes “that which we can not count”. In the infinitite set of odd numbers 1,3,5,7,9,11,13 etc – we can always add another number. Hence can not count all the numbers. The set might have the same number of elements as the even correspondant, however both […]

an itchy and art gallery note?

Just noticed there is a gallery of visual stuff in london, called Itchy gallery. Might be cool to visit and make notes there and there? Perhaps sound recordings?

numbers and fetishes?

Suppose this here is not number 1, and this number – 3 – isn’t really the number three. Lets suppose the world we lived in said that in order for us to be able and count “1”, we needed to go to a particular place and look at a specific rock in the shape of […]

#art or artistic crisis links

These links are yet to be digested. Just initial grub from a few looks to do with possible development of notes about crisis, art, and crisis of – perhaps in – art linked practices?

infinity in manifestational art?

Its curious that when writing about some visual objects in this blog, morethanjustwine talks of “effects” of infinity. In other words, perhaps only my own whims, effects are manifestations – in these cases about ideas of infinities rather than Being artistic – or possible artistic – infinities. Such manifestations are bound by specific objects, eg […]

infinities in maths or is it

other infinities? I placed a question in stack-overflow re maths and infinities. They put the question on hold. So copied bellow the question and initial replies. In case they delete the content..

un-graffiti and a small measurement of truth?

In a tv show/spectacle called “homeland”(??), some people were asked to do stuff that Looks like graffiti, so that scenes will look “authentic”. One, or a few, of these people being asked to add the authentic feel, decided to tell a bit of a possible truth about the show, marking it as a racist spectacle. […]

real rappers’ delight?

This rapper dude got shot(ish) in the head. Next thing, he goes selfie and deliriously telling his phone that he’s a real rapper now… I think its interesting that despite the blood, some obvious shok and perhaps some pain as well, its not the music that makes him – in his view – a real […]

fun #art ?

it seems in arabic we get the possibly correct term for art in english? the arabic term for art is Fun!