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Month: October 2015

theoretical #art as in practice?

Theory, in my view, tends to be jailed in some minds within a dualistic frame.
Theory and practice.
We might produce a theory of a given subject X, and then supposed to “prove” the theory in practice. Say a theory of X might be:
X used to be Z, it is in time Z + N, therefore the theory predicts that in the future we want to look at how Z + N evolve.
Here we go, a theory that requires a practice to Be a theory.
In Art, we have Theories of Art. How to produce stuff that might be called “art”, How to be an artist, and How art might actually Be, err, art.

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#art, football and free source?

Last night some footie supporters seem to have pinned something I couldn’t, in a very few words and communicable way:
“£64 a ticket, but without fans, football is not worth a penny”.

Could this not be:
“£X an art? without audiences, art does not worth a penny.”
“£x for a social-network/search-engine’s etc. shares? Without users, social-network/search-engine is worthless.”
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