an internet from agreements?

you mean internet of agreements? the name “internet of agreements” has been TMed already. Interesting, hey? 😉 well.. how else can you get so many people, content and machines together? only by agreement? you want them all to disagree? can we say that an agreement is kind of a contract? if we can live with […]

tim berners-lee’s web?

Why the guardian gave a rather prominent opinion piece for tim berners-lee recently? That’s a silly question – what are you driving at? Perhaps the logic that if someone is perceived as an inventor of something-x, their opinion is taken as somehow more valid? (re something-x) I think there’s a more interesting issue at hand. […]

things i don’t understand – brexit edition?

Isn’t it that brexit, in effect and in fact, offers new opportunities to go from current eu arrangements to new ones, some that are yet to fail? Brexit, is that a brexit that is britain – the geo-political entity – exit the eu, or is it a new arrangement between the eu and britain that […]

search and a freedom as being From?

Say a person is free to eat cucumbers, what is the next question? What that person might be bound by? As in one might get free from shackles but all that happened was entering a yet-to-be-recognised bind? That’s a freedom from, no? What about being free from freedom? From freedom itself? Say one chooses to […]

context, meanings and power?

Contextual language as a political statement? Think Marcel might turn in his grave at the thought of political links via context alterations? Perhaps more like turn a smile? How is it that altering a context is political anyway? Well.. One of the things contextual language claims that by yanking stuff out of context, we get […]