national political academy of capitalism

Capitalism, unlike its derivatives, fascism and nazism – is less in-your-face about its politics – and how needs to preserve certain orders and powers drive the society into a faster waste of people’s lives.
Capitalism, likes to claim – unlike its derivatives, fascism and nazism – that any perception of waste it generates, is misguided because capitalism is a natural system. Hold on, nazies used to say that their system of power was natural based on a very specific take of “natural selection”. The strongest – not fittest – survives..
Capitalism, as a system of power, unlike its relatives eg fascism & nazism, is not at the forefront of politics. Capitalism is the elephant in the room when people discuss politics. A bit like islamic power in iran – capitalism is, err, just there – and its reps do the important decisions, like who is a viable political candidate.

Just watched NAPOLA with the kids. I think that maybe its missing a sibling. The film charts how the nazi regime screwed people’s lives and missed – perhaps we all have – the brilliant life they could have developed. The film goes beyond the utter terrible activities nazi Policies inflicted upon people, it goes beyond politics in that sense. This is interesting for me because “beyond politics” is the current cultural & social dominant perception of capitalism.
There, beyond politics, and amongst nazism’s most idealogical naive adherents. Among youth of great material privilege bestowed by the nazi regime, there we find how these young nazi buds – turn their backs, and lives, away from nazism. In that sense Napola is a critique beyond good & evil. Beyond the holocost and war, beyond killing political opponents. Beyond the senselessness of killing disabled and helpless people the regime couldn’t watch nor fathom are alive.

Capitalism, like fascism & nazism.. No.. Like people who live under fascism and nazism, we – people who live under capitalism – should critique the system from the perspective of itself. From the view of how it causes us to waste resources, lives, just so capitalism could tic over.

javascript chat switch

There is an idea that tickles for a long time now. Its to do with unarticulated feelings. Maybe unarticulatable feelings? Anyway, am very unhappy with operating systems. I think they do not recognise networks, the fact that we are linked, and even the tools that consider themselves linked – are too static. eg basecamp, google docs, etc.. They are kind of self contained and do not recognise the links between elements, the switches – or possible ones. eg, if i type a document, i want to click and make part of it a txt to a friend. click and blog that bit, click and send it to my phone, click and add a code, click and turn something into dna, click and do todo, click and get a bot searching to update, click and stream, click and later, click and idk..

The stuff i think might recognise networkabilities is actually Chat, imho. So am going to begin with chat and javascript because that’s best i kind of have a clue – js that is – and see where it takes?