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Month: March 2013

How to imagine aesthetics of a living-dead firefly?

The proposal
How to imagine aesthetics of a living-dead firefly? – an Invite

As part of Phoenix Brighton’s Final Light: Luminous Experiments for Glowing Creatures – You are invited to join the research activity that will form the practice of the attempt to find out – maybe even create – the aesthetics of at least one living-dead firefly.

If this sounds a bit vague, no worries, it is a bit…

To make the aesthetics, in the sense of how such a creature might feel/sense I will do a research that will draw in elements which might seem relevant to a living-dead firefly, eg activities with, the now dead-by-yahoo, firefly technology. And/or combine it with the sense of death looming over the firefly dancer as he aims to mate and spread life..

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aesthetics & deaf sensations

Yesterday, 26.03 I visited a cake decorating workshop @ This was the 1st time I spent in a deaf-based environment and I think it was an experience I’d recall for some time because it felt like an opening into, perhaps, a different, if not new, sensations or the imagining of aesthetics even..
To begin with, I think the sense of the environment – as a different one – was very prominent. Possibly because of the unfamiliarity with silences, sounds, noises and the need to adjust perceptions accordingly.
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