neutrality and neutrality? neural neutrality?

neutrally neutrality? neural neutrality? neutral neutrality? neutrally neural? from genetic algorithms? from neutrality and circularity? from adapting swarm fitness neutrality? from value of neutrality in economy? record emotions irt? from robustness?

fake news or facebook’s fake are feeds?

Fake feeds? How can the feeds be fake? Maybe by containing a megaloads of fake news? But look, don’t they look to sort that? Sort? Like sorting autumn leafs in a stormy day? How can facebook sort it while relying on feedbubble? Whats that to do with fake news? Is it too far fetched to […]

still supporting free speech?

Free speech or the freedom of expression? What brings this about? Post-truth, word of the year? How does this link to free expression? Is it not that the idea is – anyone can express anything they fancy? That’s freedom, no? And are you free? Who is free to say whatever they fancy? Maybe a very […]

arbitrality, running and AI?

Just came back from a run?? Do you run arbitrarily? Arbitrarily has to do with Yes/No arbitrary, no? Well.. When a person runs in a rhythm like: fast 50 secs, stop 10 secs – and so on – do they stop/run at arbitrary times? As in the run/stop are whimsical, will dependent or despotic? How […]

formally informal formalities?

Why not just formal and informal? A binary scratches wrong ways, no? 😉 Maybe the question is that of various formalities? Like informal and informal? Why formalities? Isn’t the the question is of forms? Maybe formulations? How about the movement of formalities? Movements? As in formalitism? How they move? Maybe their weight? Weight? Marble weight […]

a contingent art that imagines my body?

I used to imagine my body can not roll into a ball, hence the question was between necessity and contingency, right? What was the necessity? It seems the inability to roll into a ball? ..or a necessity for bones? However, is this a necessity – bones – or some contingent evolution that turned out this […]

The art lovers from Ain Sakhri?

Is it where they are from, or when? Art lovers from circa 11k years ago? How about How these came to be, and art – non-the-less? Are we talking about: From this, it looks like an early fetish of fetish indeed, no? A meta fetish? More like a proto-fetish? Are you saying Art is a […]

between liking, affinity and corruption in art?

Do you find ideas from post representationalism interesting? The ideas are fairly wide, no? What do you mean? Well.. Can we not say there seem to be at least 3? Which? Are you talking about psychology? What is taken nowadays as art? Can we call abstract painting as post-representational? Can we not say that abstract […]

an end from algorithms?

an end for algorithms? ..maybe Of some kind of algorithms? Lets Search FROM “pattern evolving algorithms“? What does it mean? I think, an algorithm that might: 1. recognise something as being a patten without that pattern being prior to that recognition. 2. Once there is a recognised pattern, to evolve it in a way that […]

a network authenticity?

Like A proof of work? Is this not conflation authenticity with authentication? How can you tell whether a given agent in a network is friendly? Or one that pretends to be an authentic part of the network – but is not? Might be an ai? Does it matter ai/human/mouse/etc. – so long as it is […]

feeling post representational? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

an infinity from finite?

If infinity, how finite? If an infinity between 1 and 2, can you see the finite? Nope. The 1 and the 2 are not finites but approximations, are they not? Is this to do with algorithms? Oulipo perhaps? How? Like an infinite combinations within a specific/finite algorithm? Or within a set of rules oulipo style? […]

headings or categories and?

Are you categorising? Are you a human being? Am I a paper rod? A heading? Is that another way to say a category? And..? Say we have a category like fruits, ok..? go on.. Now say I encounter someone placing bananas as a category outside of fruits and, in fact, making a distinction between the […]

trustness and gmo?

the sensation of trust? trust-ness? and gmos? did you know putin aka russia bans gmo? don’t you like russian food? can you trust putin/russia when they say stuff? is it not more of a question – can you Not trust russia in its current form? Huh??!! Say you have some questions, is russia open enough […]

a technology too shrt?

Is this anything to do with technology being a bit of a shifting term? Terms do tend to shift, no? Are these shifts themselves, a technology in the meanings of terms? ie – without shifting, terms wouldn’t Be? If you want to do a certain thing – you need to go through xyz rhythms – […]

if from and causes?

that question makes sense of none? lol if a person said: I came to see you because i was in the market – same kind of stuff as -> came to see you from the market? Pending on locations, no? OK.. I drank coffee because earlier i had a banana, same as I had a […]