#heg13, equalpay and the reasons i will vote green, you?

I wanted to vote “anything but” @BHgreens . Nationally, @thegreenparty in general and @CarolineLucas in particular – despite recent political t-shirted stunts http://arty.li/ZG6 – are V disappointing imho. (..attempting to reform capitalist outlets is a de-facto acceptance of #capitalism, hence placing page #3 images on par with financial rather than cultural legitimacy. @CarolineLucas version of own foot shooting, I guess..)
@thegreenparty had a platform to expand, being in Parliament.
@thegreenparty had a chance to develop new policies, radical – rather than extreme – and embarce the uber importance of #art, #culture, #network as well as #economic emancipatory needs.
@thegreenparty had a time to challenge, the so called “austerity” – the #Capitalistic Big Fail – which everyone knew will cause a turn for right-wing nationalistic and bigoted parties, eg @UKIP. Being in parliament was the Perfect time to try and make a push with future voters. @thegreenparty and @carolinelucas chose cosing up for power, being Nice to current hierarchies and creating a divide between them, politicians, and electorate, hence leaving the greens stepping backwards.
Locally, the greens are yet to do stuff that excites me and doesn’t turn me off from them. For example, @jasonkitcat and @BHGreens behaviour and the attempt to open up local debate through staged pseudo curatorial practices that celebrated their power to decide the discourse rather than open up agendas and to listen – seemed in my mind like cheap populistic politics from the gutters of power-mad nightmares.
@BHGreens as @BHLabour, did not do much towards giving local recycling coop, @magpierecycling, the contract for doing the work for the council. Opting for private sector instead.. 🙁
Politically, I am against the capitalistic flavour of the @thegreenparty. Their solutions are well within #capitalism framework, and worst, in my mind, they do not question it, eg “green economy” – Bush would be proud. Living wage is old school evolved from 19th century’s do-gooders capitalists, perhaps can be argued to be capitalistic apologists?
(Locally, I think the Tory nature of @thegreenparty is well illustrated by the fact that most, if not all, their council gains, came via once Tory held wards – not labour. ie, It seems they appeal more to people who once voted tories.. Though this might be utterly wrong if it happened that somehow only in former tory wards some demographics have changed in @thegreenparty directions?)
Above policies are a few that tit-me-up, am not going into obvious stuff like, “sustainability”, being “natural”, recycling and the fear & blame campaigns that are pumped into schools with green agenda.
Nor am I impressed via being spammed by keithtaylor mep, or the @thegreenparty utter fail to address or understand network, networking, internet, digital, biological and technological freedoms. (perhaps its the conservative green core that prevents it?) Def not like the @PiratePartyUK understands..

However, I have voted for @Carolinelucas and the local @BHGreens last elections, because there weren’t other interesting options and I wanted to give @thegreenparty/@bhgreens a chance to develop in office/parliament. #FAIL

Why I urge others to vote green in #heg13 on 11.06? Well, lets be honest, these local byelections are not going to change the whole wide world, perhaps not even the little world here in hanover and elm-grove ward. However, @BHGreens, are having a tough period at the moment because a decision they took for something that should be dear to all of our hearts, and that for my sad surprise, @bhlabour, @huxley06 and national @UKLabour‎ did not respond to (when i asked), but rather continued in kindergarten politics attempting to point divisions in greens – aren’t such divisions show the democratic nature of the group??!! – and misrepresent the issues of the binstrike pay dispute. Even given the chance, via the @BHGreens leaflet highlighting the =pay nature of the dispute, the @bhlabour and TUSC #heg13 candidates declined to pick it up and show issue in their own perspective.
I am fed up with political candidates treating voters – me – as a child that should be placated temporarily rather than a person they can engage with.

Despite the fact am against payments – numerical exchange modes need to be questioned – but as long as we use these archaic and restrictive exchange modes, I support =pay anywhere and everywhere because it helps emancipation in the economic sphere. This, I think, should be supported and given the thumbs up!

So, yes, I will vote @davidinhanove this time. (@davidinhanove twitts atrociously, perhaps writing is not his forte – http://hanoverelmgrovegreens.nationbuilder.com/ – but he is more of a community person.. a dialogist and an organiser(??), judging from his past.. )
Since I suspect the @thegreenparty nationally and locally are going to stay the same, they will not get my vote and recommendation come next elections. For now friends, perhaps pegup your noses – politics and @thegreenparty do stink – on thursday 11/06 go to the polling stations, and support =pay when it needs to get a show of support.

ok.. am all ranted out now.. 😉

bbc tennis of macho sexisim?

bbc hack, John Inverdale, decided he know what looks good or not for all – so much for democracy there – and that he has to air this for all.

I think that perhaps its interesting that the bbc + other mass media people and orgs, do not seem to differentiate between an apology, eg happens, but didn’t mean to hurt, and sorry – eg I will not do this again, and try my best to keep it.
Perhaps they do, and I just do not understand their meaning?

Anyhow, for me, the more interesting element here is the difference, the movement between Law, Legitimacy, Actuality and Presentation. Am not sure if there is a law banning sexist (macho or femo) lingo of any kind, however we do have laws against sex discrimination, and they do not seem to thwart the legitimacy, in some clusters/networks, of discriminating by sex – as the case is with race – (and we do not have laws against economic discrimination..).
Actuality, is the fact that people do discriminate and that the legal route might place hardships on that – but because legality is about appearance rather than being, I should appear as if I didn’t rob the bank – but if I told my lovers, family and friends (actuality) – will they accept that?
By placing many efforts upon the appearance, the legalities of discrimination, there is also a wide space between appearance and presentation that allows – in this case -discrimination life. If the presentation was something like:
I know I shouldn’t think like that, and I do not mean to hurt anyone – just a funny thought – good job Bartoli won the tennis Wimbledon, because, lets face it, she’d never made it as a model.
Something like that would still bring the looks – wtf, when has that Inverdale looked last in the mirror??!! – but presenting as some odd personal “thing” that accepts the difference with other perceptions. Ofcourse, this brings the discourse into how a woman appears, and that is exactly the point.

Say someone said something like:
I know I shouldn’t think like that, and I do not mean to hurt anyone – just a funny thought – good job Bartoli won the tennis Wimbledon, beecause , lets face it, everytime I see her, I want to piss of her face.
That wouldn’t bring the issue of face pissing and golden showers into the discourse, but the twisted mind – or otherwise – of the speaker, because pissing inpublic and on someone’s face is illegitimate and actually disturbing – just like I hope one day ALL discrimination – including sex – will become..

delegative liquid vote democracy at london open institute (Le-OI)

Tonight there is going to be a chat at http://www.oi-london.org.uk/ hosted by David Bovill of: http://parliamentofthings.com/ re “liquid” law and “liquid” democracy.
Jordan Greenhall, is invited to talk about his vision for a society.. Ouch! When I hear Vision for other people that kind of assumes, presumes the other people are blind? Or presumes something re future? Is that open? IDK.. Anyhow.. J Greenhall was heavily involved in mp3.com as far as I gather and well into “making” money?

OK.. THis perhaps is interesting because in the event I thought Jordan was actually, at least in direction, attempting to be and to Be with tools rather than visions.. So perhaps the “vision” bit was not his description. If you read this Jordan, APOLOGIES!!

Possibly explanatory links about the delgative way these guys think of democratic processes:
http://liquidfeedback.org/ – a feedback software.. I think actually the decision making applications out there that use communal ways to achieve their goals might be more interesting in context?
http://liquidlaw.org/ – not sure I understand.. Is that a liquidism?
http://www.bopsecrets.org/PS/joyrev1.htm#Representative%20democracy%20versus%20delegate%20democracy – hummm.. should read more but hard with that colour.. Interesting the distinction between representation and delegation.. In the sense that “liquid” is an attempt to represent the delegative process.. Perhaps this might sound like a side issue – and perhaps this is! – however I wonder on a sort of more animalistic scale whether there is here an example of being – delegation – and metphorical – “liquid”.. Ontology vs epistemology?

…and ofcourse: http://parliamentofthings.com

Not sure if Hilan Bensusan of http://anarchai.blogspot.co.uk/ will come to chat about the Brazil demos.. Hopefully yes, he usually have something interesting to say!

monica ross with a life to remember

Just heard the very uber Uber UBER sad news about Monica Ross passing away. Monica was always full of life, and life was full with her. Monica was a tutor of main at Brighton Uni, and in some ways, always provided invaluable guidance, as a friend and a fellow artist as well..

In Bernard’s words:


Dear All,

It is with great sadness and regret that I announce the death of Monica Ross which occurred at 5.05 am BST on the 14 June 2013; the very day on which Anniversary—an act of memory reached its 60th and concluding Act at the 23rd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland.

The sixty performances may have reached their conclusion as a series but it is a sincere hope that others may be encouraged and inspired to continue the endeavour to promote human rights throughout the world and if using Anniversary—an act of memory as a model or template, Monica would be only too delighted.

The performances may have concluded but the work will continue. There are many hours of documentation to edit and much material to collate which will then constitute a body of work which can be exhibited widely as she would have wished it to be.

Many thanks to the many well wishers who have offered their love and support to Monica and her family during her recent illness.

Monica died peacefully, in her sleep in the presence of her close family.

Bernard G Mills

stopwatching.us – why am not signing

stopwatching.us is a tool for organisation, public figures, business and individuals to signup and call upon “..U.S. Congress reveal the full extent of the NSA’s spying programs..”

All sounds very *nice*, **good**, and ***right*** indeed! However, I feel reluctant to sign. Perhaps wrongly, perhaps too suspicious of stuff that seems to be embracing capitalism and its current cultural language. However, the reasons – perhaps excuses(??) – are mainly to do with the focus on state apparatus.
Why is it that the state should reveal the extent of spying? Should it not roll it back and stop it? Indeed, should the state not force other organisations and businesses from getting information about us? Should the culture of spying as a relevant question that stems from the false dichotomy between “security” and “freedom”, be challenged? Should google be allowed to get search info about me for selling it to advertisers so they can attempt to sell me stuff reveal to searches I do, hence get “security” that information that I happen to come across is not about to offend me? Same goes to apple and their wall garden’s “security”.
Surely, the freedom to engage with stuff, rather than to surrender freedoms – to allow others to punish/penalise me based on their power relation to my own – is the kind of cultural legitimacy that allows stuff like prism to occur?

Hence, am not feeling well, nor happy with myself – or attempting to make myself feel good and righteous.. Am not signing until proven utterly – or there about – wrong..

Turkish rulers and being anti democratic – authocratic regime

Years ago, it was simple to tell that a person, a group, or indeed a society or a political body is authoritarian. Atatürk for example, was not just an authoritarian ruler – also a self denier of part-taking in murdering Armenians. Or, if we remain in Turkish Anatolia, the arrests and brutality of various military regimes throughout the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s + the fact they didn’t bother attempting to go through even a theatrical electoral process.

The theatre of democratic electoral processes gives an air of legitimacy for various kinds of autocrats, from Thatcher through to Ghandy. From Putin to Obama, Perron, Rafsangani and Erdogan.
Indeed, in the case of the current Turkish rulers, we have a curiosity. It is a curiosity based on the fact that we are talking about a highly religious and autocratic party that attempts – or accused of attempting – to hide its “true nature” in order that it appears palatable and to slowly pass legislation that by stealth brings in a de-facto religious state. These kind of arguments, in my mind, are very weak because they assume a lot and rely on little. Assume there are hidden, untold, perhaps even conspiring, elements, and rely on us – you, me, the speaker, them – to do something we are rarely good at, connecting dot correctly while having flimsy, conjunction-based, and unreliable information.

At times of crisis, like an ocean storm, crap tends to surface. In terms of people, we do stuff, say things, perhaps we don’t normally do. We come up with elements we do not normally bring up because survival, basic question of just Being, is the imperative.
With people in the streets and parks questioning their power, the current Turkish rulers of Anatolia, feel for the 1st time how a political crisis might look like for them. Therefore, feeling a bit shaky, Erdogan came up, in my view, with a show that says more than 100’s x 1000’s of conspiracy assumptions, the kind of approach he – and perhaps his bed fellows to power – have to democracy, and how indeed remote it is from a democratic process.
Erdogan said, in public and without any shame or attempt to hide, that his tolerance is running out, and indeed has run out. For example: http://arty.li/ZpW

For a religious autocrat, the question of accepting the Other, embracing the democratic negotiative process of questioning other approaches and views, of questioning one’s self, and of doubting any out-come through the possibility of evolving it and changing – is not entirely There. Where-as for the democratic process we need a timespace – not a state – of equality, hence questions regarding the Other are around emancipation, for him these questions do not exist. For people like Erdogan, and groups who support and build them, the questions of emancipation, equality and indeed of negotiative processes, are based on tolerance and patience. Patice and tolerance are indeed religious. They come from the perception of the self as right, correct, undersanable, reasonable unflinching and unquestionable. Hence the other is wrong to begin with and has to either be brought down to their knees – via, for example, being powered – or conversion. Either ways require tolerance and patience – not equality…