easyjet hard against skateboarding

Just gone through “security”* in Luton airport for an easyjet flight to falafel-land*. Had my skateboard set as wheels for my hand laggage, as the whole setup is the size easyjet allows – i checked.. A guy on the way to security told me that such skateboard wheels are “illegal” – so I put the […]


i think this link is err linked between the 2 blogs.. Perhaps just because i am writing in both.. Though it could be beyond that..

significance and meanings with links

Am checking stuff re epigenetics – not sure why, but perhaps that is one of the epigenetic motivators.. So was listening to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycRcLqscnuQ – don’t be fooled by the subject, the delivery is as dry as it gets. She is trying though.. Hopefully she’ll get better. Anyhow, I think that through that dry delivery, and […]

“political” can be stretch int…

“political” can be stretch into uncomfortable & contract for #capitalism & #entertainment? http://www.arty.li/ZqA now with crass reporting

still attempting to simplify yet can not find a tag in my head

this is another follow up that follows this & that. the”problem” in my head, apart from it being just that, is the imagined need for solution. the question should be practised – not solution.. eg —> am on public transport. i know there will be timespace wheren (where + when come together) i’d cross looks […]

the #game of pickpocketing? ht…

the #game of pickpocketing? http://arty.li/Zqf

over complicating with wrong questions – an example?

in the previous post i expressed a common and unfortunate – in my view – mistake. The mistake, i think, is that of haNGING ON to the known. Perhaps there is a rhyme in it – but as common with many rhymes, they come to substitute thinking. (eg, for easier memory, etc..) I thought through […]

Brasilia curry committee

materials art collection confusion and collisions or there about

In the past day or 2 I felt a bit dis-ponded. This in itself should not bother anyone but myself, however, it is the background if not a certain rhythm to the following, which just might have some wider relevance than mememememyself and nothing to do with You! In the past week, I was doing […]

Cross questioning unknowns with knowing nots

Click to download – Cross questioning unknowns with knowing nots From the talk by aharon at the performance philosophy conference, surruy university 13.04.13 – http://performancephilosophy.ning.com/page/cfp-2013-conference

if you ever used #mendeley for…

if you ever used #mendeley for “free” now that it is being sold to elsevier – you know who to send a bill to – http://arty.li/Zq5

what do tiny little #data prod…

what do tiny little #data producers mean for big data users – or exploiters? – http://arty.li/Zqi

#artistic & #cultural fascinat…

#artistic & #cultural fascination with #things continues in an interesting show, the stubborn life of things – http://arty.li/ZqU

an organisational #art project…

an organisational #art project that perhaps might be worth a visit while in #london? http://arty.li/Zq3

RT @randomform A massive rough…

RT @randomform A massive rough art brut fabric toroidal outline.

an image in relation to baku s…

an image in relation to baku sirens symphony – http://arty.li/ZqJ – is there something “new aesthetics” about it?

will #art genome be using a me…

will #art genome be using a metaphor linked to bio-evolution while excluding arts that fall outside its definition? http://arty.li/ZqZ