can the question be of practice rather than

Product or process…? If we imagine the materials as living entities/beings then the language/imagination based on products and processes and more specifically the not-so-smooth-ability of attempting to emphesise the sense of unity in the swquence – can the question not be of practices..?

if a + b and fulfillment of desire? or

is it desire fulfillment/s and if a + b? Desiring as a rhythm requires a sensing link in time that is full of ifs. If i had some coffee.. Once I have coffee, the desire is dead. No ifs anymore.. Its full of certainties. No ifs, no desires. In that sense desire is dependent on […]

contract killing in britain and capitalism?

aesthetics of absent killing? well.. seems like there are people desperate enough to kills, pay and get paid for killing others – and they are not just in the armed services.. The bram uni survey seems very interesting indeed even if only the subject – contract killing – is both sort of taboo and subject […]

surfing and searching surfing eternality searching?

Was checking past stuff at eternal internet brotherhood’s art and artists past gatherings, and bumped into: searching-is-not-surfing Seems to be by manifestoforthehivemind Looks very new aesthetics. However, perhaps the usage of terms – surfing and searching – kind of brought me back to 90’s when interneting was surfing.. I recall doing lots with layers and […]

eternal internet brotherhood’s art and artists early get togethers

Here’s some info re etinterbro – eib – past meetings/residencies. Was checking to get the groove-feel.. Will probably have to check again.. Here are the links:

technical videos for installing/running/upgrading

communitybox boxes with openwrt, mainly:

beep for artists in..?

With EIB – eternal internet brotherhood – etintbro – i will be seeking artists in palestinian controlled territories. It seems perhaps since am going to skateboard around, to have a possible link with motorists.. So am thinking to wear a sort of cape/longish top with one of the lines from: I should really go on […]

nelson mandela, south african establishment, art and the rabbit of

freedom of expression – even in haste..?

20000 20000 of 20000 value times individuals?

pop up clusters in cairo?

had a look at the call out.. perhaps could be fun to go lofi with rfids and sticks on a swarm? eg self publishing by contradiction..? where the self and the coomons meets// there is a collision.. even in the peaceful ways..?

signify effects meaning value less values of meanings?

Feeling very uncomfortable with meanings and signifiers.. I think that sure, there are ripples, resonances, effects that link in time with stuff done, but not all consequences and most are seen because of other elements than what seems to be “cause”.. ie cause and effect are baseless logical pattern for Value generation, rather than hard […]

socially radical retailers?

just wondering if shoplifting such as reported here can energise retailers into pressing politicians for better benefit system..?

healthy optout aesthetics?

Was looking at the looming privatisation of nhs patients data: Penis Jelqing – A Critical Exploration in this Penis Exercise a somehow clearer info for opting out: Your choices noticed how optout is kind of being obscured..? am wondering if how might be interesting to do optout aesthetics and use, sort of possible mass […]

fearlessness common sense flat-earthian

aesthetics? A new gun designed for women has just been launched. The name, and supposedly, motivation, was/is a rape in delhi that shocked the world. So.. In a capitalist mind: humm.. we have a problem, some guys rape women. * are we going to tackle this culturally? (eg delegitimisation, cultural practiced forms of rape, cultural […]

cnbc are Pro (corrupted/criminal) migrants?

check this clip.. they say: oh, rich chinese flee china? – isn’t it fab most come to Us of A? why do they flee china? – errr.. seems like the rich don’t like crackdowns on corruption.. so.. apart from the will to have generally rich people coming and driving prices up and all the misery […]

if be gay i could?

stuff like and doesn’t make me feel but sense a need to live.. aesthetics are, the being of aesthetics, is perhaps unmediated, fully sensed? un-prejudiced, the Negative negation of prejudice, the being unable to stop sensing..? Probably isn’t very happy.. Probably such a being is melancholic because sensations fold and miss.. Must be […]

youtube videos – recent ones

been putting some more clips/vids on the aharonic search art youtube channel.. Unhappy for lack of alternatives i was checking and bumped into miro.. seems like i must have opened a channel there ages ago.. it sucks the youtube rss feed from aharonic.. lost the password/email.. seems like it’ll keep on going till death tear […]