if a + b and fulfillment of desire? or

is it desire fulfillment/s and if a + b?

Desiring as a rhythm requires a sensing link in time that is full of ifs. If i had some coffee.. Once I have coffee, the desire is dead. No ifs anymore.. Its full of certainties. No ifs, no desires.
In that sense desire is dependent on being just what it is – unfullfilled.
Like the being of if a + b that keeps questioning itself while being a in addition to b, desire can easily die once its done. In that sense, perhaps a desiring person desires desire all the time..?

contract killing in britain and capitalism?

aesthetics of absent killing?
aesthetics of absent killing?

well.. seems like there are people desperate enough to kills, pay and get paid for killing others – and they are not just in the armed services..

The bram uni survey seems very interesting indeed even if only the subject – contract killing – is both sort of taboo and subject to much mythologising via games, movies and books, as the article keeps comparing to these..

Perhaps could be interesting, though not that relevant(??) to compare price of human lives to economic situation.. Just wondering if this contract killing business is one un calculated cost of, errr, capitalism..?

Might also be cool to add in the amount – amount? why quantity rather than quality – of cultural production linked to contract killing, check links with economic questions, etc..?

surfing and searching surfing eternality searching?

Was checking past stuff at eternal internet brotherhood’s art and artists past gatherings, and bumped into:


Seems to be by manifestoforthehivemind

Looks very new aesthetics. However, perhaps the usage of terms – surfing and searching – kind of brought me back to 90’s when interneting was surfing..

I recall doing lots with layers and images, and computers being too slow for vids under.. and trying the vrml under instead..

So 1st reaction was indeed something like: wtf, this is like so well chewed! But then I had to question, the fact it Looks like some stuff, doesn’t imply it Is that stuff.. eg this one is much more networky, and free with the imagery it uses..
Also, I think it might be worth mentioning that this is just done better, precisely because it is what it is – not imagining other ways of being while attempting something else.. If this sounded muddy, its because that exactly how it was.. 😉

eternal internet brotherhood’s art and artists early get togethers

beep for artists in..?

With EIB – eternal internet brotherhood – etintbro – i will be seeking artists in palestinian controlled territories.

It seems perhaps since am going to skateboard around, to have a possible link with motorists.. So am thinking to wear a sort of cape/longish top with one of the lines from:

I should really go on forums to ask if people beep, if its sort of cultural acceptable form of identification, if the arabic is correct, am i using correct arabic and/or local palestinian language/culture..?

signify effects meaning value less values of meanings?

Feeling very uncomfortable with meanings and signifiers.. I think that sure, there are ripples, resonances, effects that link in time with stuff done, but not all consequences and most are seen because of other elements than what seems to be “cause”..
ie cause and effect are baseless logical pattern for Value generation, rather than hard integrated element of being and living.
There are links, the sun might link to gravity on earth and that might link to oxeans, and that might link to tidal effects – however, these are Links rather than Causes because there are other links that might affect the tide which we are yet to have a clue, and if these links which we do know about, work as a part of a network – then again, they are connections rather than cause.. They do not Mean to cause tides, just kind of happened..

So what happens when meanings comes in? Say i want to cause a tide? Unlike the elements I mentioned, there is a sort of possible intent for a particular effect/s.
Because of that, it can be argued that the process is that of Value and hence political. If X has a social value – or not – is a question determined by politics.. In its most basic sense of discursive social positioning and arbitration..
Which is where art in its non political sense folds.. If art seeks to have a value but not Be politicised, then its kind of wanting the cake but not eating it.. However, if art, as I suggest, Is valueless, meaningLess, and that is precisely why fundamentally, we inhabitants of the universe must have art – then we go beyond the questions of meanings, values, and indeed politics..
However, for this to happen in earnest, artists should be able to support themselves without fear and prejudice of the market..

Hence an interest in economy/money..

However this is all a digression..

Meanings seem like in between values and signifiers.. If I use X to signify anything-holder, as X motor-vehicle – it can be understood as Any motor vehicle. However, now that the X is not just a signifier, but one with a particular aim/meaning, because it is understood they I had a certain reason, then a value-meaning can be created. what does any motor vehicle’s value might be here? If this is a shared/shareable value – then there is a legitimate, imho, question of politics.. eg, how come your shareable is more/less visible than hers, etc..

Art, I think, like science and philosophy, to serve better, to link more closely with being – has to Be like a being.. Before it wants/aim/mean to be something, an x rather than an x vehicle.. In its pre-confabulated time.. Precisely because most elements will NOT be interesting and will fold before getting to gain values and meanings..

fearlessness common sense flat-earthian


A new gun designed for women has just been launched.

The name, and supposedly, motivation, was/is a rape in delhi that shocked the world.

So.. In a capitalist mind:
humm.. we have a problem, some guys rape women.
* are we going to tackle this culturally? (eg delegitimisation, cultural practiced forms of rape, cultural sequences that help facilitate rape, and mind sets linked to that, etc..)
* are we going to deal with this socially? (eg education, police listening better, social organisations, etc..)
* are we going to face this economically? (eg poor women tend to be raped more, economic deprivation are raping mentality..)
* are we going to help ridding our society from rape politically? (eg making it easier to prosecute, report, and better legal definitions, etc..)

In general, are we going to face rape in a way that could actually make a change on our lives on multiple levels?

Or, are we to embrace selling guns to women who can afford, igniting a need for rapists to get some “protection” as well, and as the factory/gun-pimping-guy seem to convey – feel self satisfied to have done something positive.

With his common-sense logic, eg if she had a gun this wouldn’t have happened, it reminds me that by common experience ans sense – the earth is flat..

In this way, in effect, we can open the door to the non-common, un-common, senses. The senses, desires, sensualities that form aesthetics that fly beyond that of the common..?

if be gay i could?

stuff like http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jan/18/nigerians-gay-hatred-sexual-freedom
doesn’t make me feel but sense a need to live.. aesthetics are, the being of aesthetics, is perhaps unmediated, fully sensed? un-prejudiced, the Negative negation of prejudice, the being unable to stop sensing..?

Probably isn’t very happy.. Probably such a being is melancholic because sensations fold and miss..
Must be very frightening for people like Putin..? All these unscertainties and having to actually be unable to stop not pretending?

In that sense pehaps, I sam indeeeeed so so soooooooooooooooo Gay!!!(?)