face masks and feel good?

As I noted, mainly to myself some time ago, face masks do not actually help keep you breathing significantly healthier than err, without them. However, people use them. I’d like to assume that perhaps users are as informed as me regarding the health failures of face masks.. Hence am wondering whether using them is just […]

more re being a calculation being

it seems like calculation, unlike deceleration, requires legitimisation – yet the very act of calculation suggests a legitimate being, in our minds. where as to declare this text not english-only but having some links to ancient japanese, beyond just mentioning it in this line, might seem brutal and indeed require a brute act such as: […]

when a gamble is no gamble times 2?

In this aljazeera show re capitalism recent performance, there is a guy from lse that basically says something like: The “financial crisis” couldn’t have been forecasted because “the economy” is so complicated – its very hard to tell. There are so many elements involved in economic exchanges and behaviours, that its simply impossible for us […]

calclulate into being – to be another one?

calculation doesn’t mean or infers being precise, at least in my view. i think of it as a process of taking-account-of something.. like have you taken account – ie considered – the ants you might be killing on way to supermarket? or the measures supermarkets might be taking to kill cockroaches so we have cleaner […]

calclulate into being?

i just declared a being by the name of gloopshtang. Gloopshtang is made of a living horse made of glue and poo. the problem, in my mind, with the declerative gloopshtang, like unicorns, is that it might exist in my head, but not in yours unless i have power – hence gloopshtang isn’t here among […]

great sexist independent or

am i just looking at grandparents because grandfather are the real deal? Social mobility is slammed again in a book that aims to show the opposite. The independents’ headline is focusing on the male side of the lineage, and in some senses perhaps unintentionally ironic. If we calculate/account the male side only, are we not […]

entrapments of palestinians – metphors for living occupied by capitalism?

Was just reading a review of Omar, a film by the same guy that did paradise Now! Should search for this.. Just reading the review, I was wondering why I find this so arresting.. Nothing in my life is really connected to experiences of being an occupied person/entity. However, beyond the empathy with the Other, […]

proof of being slightly

paranoid..? Looking at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypertext_Transfer_Protocol#Example_session i think a technical protocol becomes clearer in my mind.. I wonder now whether it might be indeed interesting to have a “proof of being” protocol – slightly paranoid version for death factories search strands..? so the paranoid bit is a frequency.. have we taken – or willing to take – […]

proof of no proof proofing unproved the proover dis-prover

protocols? Check some anti pro west news on rt.com, where they posted some details re Greenwald’s assertion that spy agencies do various online manipulations they really should not.. However the reality of the situation really is, in terms of news manipulations, the point is precisely that even if it does not occur – it is […]

is this a historical plausible reading of computers and related evolution?

Is it that computing machines used to be sort of more general purpose mechanical devises that could apply their mathematical/calculative prowess to various areas, and as they evolve, seem to be more specific in build and calculation? eg we get more task specific devices than we used to, no? this one’s for gaming, that one’s […]

numerical exchange is for poor people and

protocols are for rich happy fulfilled machines or a poorly paid culturally impoverished mechanised population? There used to be a certain prevalence to an idea for supporting empires that went like: Check the flourishing of life/culture in the Mongol empire regions compared to previous and post empire times. The prevalence of central power that normalised […]

the last muslim on mars?

seemingly some islamic sects bar their followers from going to Mars, at least in the foreseeable future, based on the assumption the whole adventure is fairly suicidal. Evolutionarily, it could be interesting because this is an example of how culture, religions are cultural elements, yes? – affects and intervenes in the evolution process. So here […]

lingo language and communication

comm systems? In this book about semantics: “semantics” by F. R. Palmer, the text goes on to talk about the definition of language, at list from semantic studies context. Am probably about to generalise, however at times general extrapolations do work… If there is indeed a different between languages and communication systems.. The sequence red […]

the benefits of ignorance and ignorant population

as illustrated by power? (err.. microsoft and little helpers?) Seems like uk gov is seriously considering to change the default documents from microsoft (*.doc) to open doc format (*.odf). Hence, in the name of choice, fueled by money, supported by short memories and the myth of knowledgeable population that does most things they might get […]

universal without ism

or is the ism in the axiom? For this word to mean a reference to the particular pattern of w-o-r-d, and indeed linked to a particular word – it has to come in a sequence. One lingo might have WordThis Another lingo might have ThisWord In one lingo this = sequence T-O In another lingo […]

a question of a web side story and a

holocaust? I have just came back from Warsaw where I hooked up with an old friend. I mentioned the process of fear cultivation giving the web as an example of an element where once the question of how to be fearlessly free was an emphesised process, now increasingly the process, if/when/where exists, is in context […]

quick notes re going to Majdanek today

These are going to be very quick notes/lines indeed. People are waiting for me, but I just realised that have spent the better part of the morning making myself ill.. am just post toilete.. had a bit of a panic/cry as well.. Seems like thiws should be written despite the fact ppl wait – and […]