face masks and feel good?

As I noted, mainly to myself some time ago, face masks do not actually help keep you breathing significantly healthier than err, without them.
However, people use them. I’d like to assume that perhaps users are as informed as me regarding the health failures of face masks.. Hence am wondering whether using them is just for feeling that something is being done – maybe in protest, as the article suggests – regarding pollution we can do nothing about?

Well.. Personally, I’d rather be helpless in the face of helplessness so I know exactly where and how i am, rather than pretend my life is different.. However, perhaps for others, pretense provides an energy to deal with the cause for pretense?

more re being a calculation being

it seems like calculation, unlike deceleration, requires legitimisation – yet the very act of calculation suggests a legitimate being, in our minds.
where as to declare this text not english-only but having some links to ancient japanese, beyond just mentioning it in this line, might seem brutal and indeed require a brute act such as: I declare the english in this text to be directly descendant of ancient Japanese!
a calculative approach might still place me in a sort of possible slightly bonkers bracket, however, the whole exercise might have a plausible legitimacy, and hence allowed to live, to be by others – despite me having relinquished the brut power.. check this:
what is the number of terms directly descendant from ancient japanese in this text, when each linked term is 1 and each not linked is -1?
this calculates to: -134.
Or a simpler calculation:
How many terms/words here are descendant from ancient japanese? 0

However, despite the results of both calculations showing non existence of calculated descended, the calculation has a certain life. If this text has no ancient Japanese descendancy links, for some, the very calculation might seem interesting and perhaps a process to put many texts through. The calculation as a search sequence has a legitimacy independent of my own power – or lack of it. Well.. A plausible legitimacy..
Now, if I wanted, powerless as I am, to add a forcefullness to the calculation, I could declare that doing such an act will – even if seems futile – bring a good luck for the doer, and negative for the none doer..

Will it now be a good idea to do the calculation in case I was not talking out of my arse..?


on a less abstract note

the campaign to deligitimise the state of israel, is indeed to rid us of zionism – like the campaign to delegitimise apartheid did. It acknowledges that the israeli-zionist entity is being calculated in various ways, and says – we ought to stop that. It is illegit to calculate it, to give it funds, or account for its various exchanges, dealings and demands – because these calculations allow something very abusive to live..

when a gamble is no gamble times 2?

In this aljazeera show re capitalism recent performance, there is a guy from lse that basically says something like:
The “financial crisis” couldn’t have been forecasted because “the economy” is so complicated – its very hard to tell. There are so many elements involved in economic exchanges and behaviours, that its simply impossible for us economists to tell what might come.
As he was saying that, did he not also, in effect say other stuff as well?
that economists like him are perhaps not in a position to understand their subject?
that indeed, stock exchanges are just a gamble, but because it is a dignified gamble then gamblers should be protected if they actually lose gambles too much?
that indeed economists are very clever – they can say that they are clueless in a cluelessness inducing line of work, yet somehow the rest of society is actually listening to their ideas re economic matters. A bit like going to a dentist that will tell you they are actually plumbers with a bee keeping hoby that like to pretend from time to time they do dentistry, and you go: Sure! That’s cool. So tell me, why my mouth hurts so much?

calclulate into being – to be another one?

calculation doesn’t mean or infers being precise, at least in my view.
i think of it as a process of taking-account-of something.. like have you taken account – ie considered – the ants you might be killing on way to supermarket? or the measures supermarkets might be taking to kill cockroaches so we have cleaner food? or how many slaves might have helped producing your bread? or how many people might have died so we know which food is safe? or how people experimented upon for airplane crash rescue – specially from water – might have felt like? (perhaps when you board a plane and hear the safety advice..?)

in these senses, it is more taking account of..

So.. going back to prejudices and religions.. When people are told stuff like what would x deity do in y space-time? that is exactly when they are asked to bring the deity to life, yes?
However, when we deal with real stuff, like counting environmental effects of food transport, one of the difficulties is the numbers and their dryness, no?
Perhaps there is a need to say that not accounting for environmental consequences is just bad luck that could bring all sorts of un known negative/unwanted/irreversible effects onto people? ‘Perhaps, by ignorance induction we might ironically somehow get human life saving action..?
Or maybe am just lazy thinking here.. Perhaps since taking-into-account/calculations are aesthetics, the challenge is to have these sensed as they are rather than via what they have nothing todo with..?

calclulate into being?

i just declared a being by the name of gloopshtang. Gloopshtang is made of a living horse made of glue and poo.

the problem, in my mind, with the declerative gloopshtang, like unicorns, is that it might exist in my head, but not in yours unless i have power – hence gloopshtang isn’t here among us. For gloopshtang to Be, it requires neither horse shape, nor glue or poo. For gloopshtang to be, even to be Not, it requires much simpler elements than the physics of shape and organic materials, it seems to me that all glooshtang requires is a calculation.

If gloopshtang is the sum of poo and glue in a horse. Or the number of horse shaped life-forms in a given space-time that are made entirely of glue and poo. Or the number of such beings that might be placed in a given space, eg a 4mx4m room. Or the volume of the calls these beings make between 1600 and 1900 on fridays and mondays, etc.

Even if the sum of some of these calculation are 0, the very process of calculation, even fleetingly, seems to bring stuff into being, no? Have you tried any of the calculations..?

From the death factories language perspective, perhaps something very similar can be claimed – at least partially. The death factories are not alive because someone declared them into existence. Nor are they alive because they declare themselves, like pyramids do – declare themselves and then being translated into calculations rather than being themselves parts of any operating calculations. Death factories, we know how they did their death production via calculations. More over, we can still work calculation on them that they both continually produce and engage with.
In a sense, perhaps UN-intuitively, the calculations Are the aesthetics.. Calculations are the senses.. If I can calculate the distance from a gassing building and a train station – we have a certain sense of life length, a sense of rhythm, and a sequence.. If I calculate the size of rocks to recall dead communities and these to recall a person – we get sense of proportional aesthetics, no? If I calculate the number of trees, their age, their size, the space between them and compare them to the number of people killed in a given period that they might have been witnessing – do we get a sort of aesthetics of time and silence and density? If we calculate the distances/spaces between huts of function for working a death factory and the size of crater dug by hands, do we not get some other, perhaps unutterable yet There sort of sense/aesthetics?

Here’s another one.. More to the tune of culture/cultivation..
Take stuff like dont walk under ladders or black cats, etc.. We know that there is no bad-luck, and that bad luck doesn’t stem from stuff other than our own negativity.
However, we also know our brain, and when stuff goes wrong it will search for Reasons, prejudiced for reason as it is, for stuff to have gone wrong. Hence in its calculations as to why we didn’t win the lottery, one of the plausibilities might be the passing of the black cats that didn’t follow by a dance. We know it has a 0 effect, however that 0 is precisely the out come of a calculation we still cultivate. It matters not whether the calculation is sumed to 19% effect, or 0, o even -19%. Because we calculate, it which we calculate is there being cultivated.
If i didn’t win the lottery and someone said:
did you go out with right or left foot 1st this morning?
Did you eat honey-pepper at 13.00?
and I said – no. why do you ask.
and they said
well, doing these brings you good luck.
and i’d say bullshit! and follow that with disregard to these practices, then and only then i wouldn’t be cultivating them.
However, if i didn’t do them and failed the luck of the lottery, and then thought – i wonder if i did go out with right foot and had some honey pepper.. If I did that, then, in a sense, I would begin cultivating these practices, no?

great sexist independent or

am i just looking at grandparents because grandfather are the real deal?

Social mobility is slammed again in a book that aims to show the opposite. The independents’ headline is focusing on the male side of the lineage, and in some senses perhaps unintentionally ironic.
If we calculate/account the male side only, are we not proving a certain immobility? I wonder how to calculate genderroleperception immobility..
If the independents’ focus on male is because a perception that in the particular time frame we are talking about, say 200-300 years, it is most likely that men determined a family’s wealth, then perhaps this includes a forgetful mind regarding women who did just that, and even more women who determined wealth but couldn’t/denied ownership of their own properties. Is this an independent conflation..?

entrapments of palestinians – metphors for living occupied by capitalism?

Was just reading a review of Omar, a film by the same guy that did paradise Now! Should search for this..
Just reading the review, I was wondering why I find this so arresting.. Nothing in my life is really connected to experiences of being an occupied person/entity.

However, beyond the empathy with the Other, it keeps feeling that the Other is perhaps not so other as it might initially seem to be..
Perhaps the brutal and horrifying reality of being entrapped is for us an illustration, an embodiment of something we experience daily and feel it ever so subtly.
The israeli soldier that get to be the bastard she/he can never get close to when not in uniform, is perhaps the childish dreams of vengeance some of us might sense when realising homes are repossessed, or that one has to prostitute their time just to get some food.. Everybody seems to do that, which makes it all seem normal and legit..

Omar and palestinians by extension, are perhaps most of humanity, the occupied 99% that has to carry power and support it and its whims. Entrapped between our wish to live full and loving lives with dignity, and the reality need that love and dignity, to be, they require freedom and equality. Hence suddenly politics come into the sequences..
Like the Omar character, we are told that if we want to get an easy life, to live with love and at least the appearance of dignity, we need to betray our freedom and processes of equality – because if we don’t then power feels threatened..

proof of no proof proofing unproved the proover dis-prover


Check some anti pro west news on rt.com, where they posted some details re Greenwald’s assertion that spy agencies do various online manipulations they really should not..

However the reality of the situation really is, in terms of news manipulations, the point is precisely that even if it does not occur – it is a possibility..
If indeed as this sounds a plausible possibility, perhaps it warrants a “news proof proofing protocol”??
Just a quick wonder whether it might be an interesting challenge for people.. If we can have a proof of work/stake.etc. protocol for an exchange network as in the bitcoin and derivatives, is it not possible to have a sort of proof of authenticity re news?
Perhaps interestingly, I read somewhere.. Where? Here! an idea of doing authenticity proof network for “art” where art = objects to be sold, hence bringing back the idea of author, authentic object, numbered edition etc..

In a sense perhaps this is regarding an automation of stuff many of us keep doing re news anywhere.. Cross checking info.. The DontByteTillXed protocol? 😉

is this a historical plausible reading of computers and related evolution?

Is it that computing machines used to be sort of more general purpose mechanical devises that could apply their mathematical/calculative prowess to various areas, and as they evolve, seem to be more specific in build and calculation?

eg we get more task specific devices than we used to, no?
this one’s for gaming, that one’s for networking, etc..?

If this is the case, then does it not sort of validate the idea of mechanised devices wanting to be specialised in specific areas?

As if the devices ask us to perceive them for what they are – not to do reflections of us onto them. We need to learn empathy with machines so that they could be hunted them better, no? Perhaps if I was a mechanical device, I’d be jealous of cows – or other such animals..?

numerical exchange is for poor people and

protocols are for rich happy fulfilled machines or a poorly paid culturally impoverished mechanised population?

There used to be a certain prevalence to an idea for supporting empires that went like:
Check the flourishing of life/culture in the Mongol empire regions compared to previous and post empire times. The prevalence of central power that normalised life allowed peaceful coexistence among people and hence the time to go beyond mere existence and survival – to flourish in all sorts of life’s dimensions. For example, the transfer of cultural elements from asia to europe via trips by people like marco polo wouldn’t be possible without the empire and the peace it inspired.. Think of that when you eat pasta!”

This is an interesting argument, in my view, because it hides what it attempts to reveal. It attempts to say that protocols/normalisation-of-proceedures might be very beneficial – perhaps ironically – to culture and life in general, yet at the same time hides the very procedures taken to have the said “peace”.
I placed this argument in the context of empires because this, I think, brings the point to the fore, to have the Empire’s protocol, the power to be an empire had to be worked on.. Indeed, the very notion of an empire illustrates that there is a group/organisation/system that is Outside the normalised way of doing stuff, outside the law, and outside the common protocol. It might have its own, but in order to be enable to keep power to make new and maintain current protocols – the power has to be outside the very stuff it attempts to distribute. Like the politician that once said that she took drugs and now she knows why no one else should..

Isn’t this what Agamben is talking about regarding power having its own anarchy so the rest of us can live mechanically under the rules the very anarchy allows the production of?

Indeed, I’d go further to argue that machines, as living beings, as equals to life’s elements, are in need for and of protocols and rules for survival and thrival. A machine thrives by the cultivation of betterment rule following. Indeed, I would argue that any task specific life-form is in need for doing beteer cultivation of following its task specific based life. However, just like we might have certain dependency upon plants oxygen production and its cultivation, so do plants have a certain dependency upon us – organisms like us – that thrive precisely because they are Not task specific.

In that sense the evil and its banality is exactly the notion and practice of people being, treating and imagining others as machines, culminating in factories of death.. However, the evil is in the conflation between people and mechanical beings – not in having mechanical beings in itself.
Perhaps this is my own baka.. (calling X a Y and Y an X)
Its very easy and self-serving/stroking to claim as I did throughout life that we should move away from anything resembling death machines, but my failure is precisely to realise that mechanical activities do HAVE a legitimacy in and of themselves. Perhaps else where in life than in life control – but have the right to Be none the less. Indeed the very attempt to disposes and ignore the mechanic, the rule-based, the automated, enables the continued life in death factory like-inspired-maintaining practices..
In that sense the evil is my own doing..

If humans thrive on search rather than restrictions, it is precisely because the search allows the production of restrictions, task specifics. We attempt to apply these to people because no one else could pick it up. However, aren’t the more palatable candidates machines..?

Is this a techno utopia..?

Some dark elements are missing..?

the last muslim on mars?

seemingly some islamic sects bar their followers from going to Mars, at least in the foreseeable future, based on the assumption the whole adventure is fairly suicidal.

Evolutionarily, it could be interesting because this is an example of how culture, religions are cultural elements, yes? – affects and intervenes in the evolution process. So here for example there is the use of power, authority – even prejudice and ignorance – to possibly influence the cultural makeup of 1st marsian colonists..

Culturally/Artistically, I think this is a fab example of how restrictive practices require free rhythms and strands – but not the other way around. Hence the sequence has to be free-to-restriction. You need to have something abstract and free to build with some sort of restrictions – if you want then. However, these restrictions can not be universal because then they undermine the very materials that they are made from, no?
One might be free – as in no penalty for taking one decision or another – yet make sure the very decisions they take do not inherently produce a meta strand that inhibits and restricts all others – the opposite. The strands that might apply universally, can be so if it allows – rather than restricts other strands.. This is, I think perhaps where various elements of left wing legislations went seriously wrong.. Perhaps even affected the right wing’s proposition of End of History..?

However, this – restriction and allowance – is not, in my view of a binary link. Rhythmically, I think these are actually elements of same strands in time. The non-binary connection here is because they do not inherently Oppose one another.. Having clay that can be be molded and is being molded in various ways, or python that is being implemented for various tools – is not in oposition to one another – not an inherent opposition, but at times an imposed oposition. eg when power wants to use its power to “protect” its ability to have power and is using freedom as an object to save from tyranny – hence at times someone has to abuse freedom and be universally restrictive so that at other times we can be “free”..

(Don’t worry if this sounds convoluted – it is.. 😉 )

lingo language and communication

comm systems?

In this book about semantics: “semantics” by F. R. Palmer, the text goes on to talk about the definition of language, at list from semantic studies context.

Am probably about to generalise, however at times general extrapolations do work… If there is indeed a different between languages and communication systems..

The sequence red in english is a red that can be applicable for various systems which will provide it with specific local meanings. eg red in traffic lights, red of apples, etc..

Like science providing elements for technology to do its worst, like art providing any person exposed to its processes to be inspired, like philosophy offering questions for theorists to elaborate, and as organic materials offer ranges of possibilities for organisms to form – so do languages to communication systems.

This DOES noT try to imply One is more important than another, but to simply describe a sequential link – not even a relationship.. Perhaps a sequential connection even.. I am interested in the language, in the art, however only because am not very comfortable with the communicative bit. There are some people who can do both.. Perhaps one day I could, at the moment, am not.

the benefits of ignorance and ignorant population

as illustrated by power? (err.. microsoft and little helpers?)

Seems like uk gov is seriously considering to change the default documents from microsoft (*.doc) to open doc format (*.odf).
Hence, in the name of choice, fueled by money, supported by short memories and the myth of knowledgeable population that does most things they might get paid for, microsoft attempts to argue that to have more choice, uk gov should not adopt open doc format..
In other words, the company that once punished you if you used other formats as well as its own, the organisation that still restricts people’s usage and tech dev for its formats, the monolith that imagines its cool to attempt getting more and more people using its technologies despite their needs or age, the same microsoft tha makes its programs heavier with each iteration – they are the ones that talk of choice while sounding sane?
eg – lets forget and forgive, but have more fore formats around so as to have more, err, choice.

this might sound sane idea of choice when we imagine that choice is about having a few options to select from, yes?

However, is there no sequence that is linked? Perhaps a few of them?
eg – a fearless process of selection? a selection process that is questioned itself? ..or indeed, a selection process that doesn’t endanger, but enables and stimulates new ideas?

universal without ism

or is the ism in the axiom?

For this word to mean a reference to the particular pattern of w-o-r-d, and indeed linked to a particular word – it has to come in a sequence.
One lingo might have WordThis
Another lingo might have ThisWord
In one lingo this = sequence T-O
In another lingo the sequence = Z-E

However, the UNIVERSAL, seems that we have sequences on top of which meanings may be attached and significances appear.


In that sense, while The MEANINGS and Significance/s of this word might differ between cultures, contexts and people – the life of the sequence, like that of 1 + 1, is the same on earth and on alpha satori.. Indeed all the way there.. no..?

a question of a web side story and a


I have just came back from Warsaw where I hooked up with an old friend. I mentioned the process of fear cultivation giving the web as an example of an element where once the question of how to be fearlessly free was an emphesised process, now increasingly the process, if/when/where exists, is in context of having to keep the safety of social order..
My friend, not a very techy savvi to say the least, was very surprised at my line of thinking. Is it not obvious that the web is FOR control?
I replied with an attempt to talk of web-SItES as sort of nodes on a network, hence equal elements/strands – but didn’t get very far…
I was told that my thinking is all wrong because there is no such a thing as a website. There are only:
A webside?? What do you mean?
She was talking about the web as a big giant Book. Each “site” is a Side of a Page in this book. Hence we have a question of the people owning the book, controlling the publication of the single giant book, etc.. However in this imagination/language/strand the page is just an element given the ability to BE by the book, and is legit controlled because the book must belong to someone and the page is dependent upon the book’s owner.
As a web site, ie a bit of an internet server that serves data in a web protocol – hese a place of web rather than a place of torrents, coins or files transfer.

Leaving aside the correct or otherwise interpretation of the Polish use of “webside” and the English “website”, for me this incident projects an interesting illustration of how imagination is a constant practice of If/Search sequences.
If I imagine the web as she does, with sequences analogous to book publishing, making and reading, then the whole consequent search trajectory, the whole if proposition – is of a radical different frequency than that of a website being a network node.
As a webside, the book – ie the web – should actively control the content – just like editors and publishers do in books. Indeed, there is an Overall owner, an ultimate auithority, of the book within which each side/pageside resides.
From that view, it is ideological, hence imagination oppressive, to, for example, call for a fearless publication on the web. As a book, its not made, by the very processes that make it Be, to live as open and free.
From this imagination perspective, the very idea of a site, as a sort of independent element, is a wishful thinking. Like a child wanting a car to fly into space – just because it moves and it is a vehicle.

How does the holocaust come into this?
Well.. Apart from factory based processes of killing being high on my mind since visiting Majdanek and Treblinka, I think that the imagination of websites and websides can illustrate the significance of imagination that legitimise, yes in the present, holocaust/factory-killing-processes – and perhaps even cultivates or allow the cultivation of such beings as the death factories.
For me, my mind, the horrifyingly blood curdling, panic attack inducing elements in the “camps” was/is the continuation of their lives, of their cultivation. I expected to encounter dying beasts – and found living viruses. Beings latched onto past, present and future imaginations, ready for operation.. Like a sleeping being, they are safe in the knowledge that despite the appearance of past beings, of being archived, the imagination that legitimised them, and that was fed as well as feed them with life of death making/production, is here, alive and being cultivated well. Hence the death factories live as search imagination strands made of binarism, heirarchism, ownership, borders, controls, etc.

quick notes re going to Majdanek today

These are going to be very quick notes/lines indeed.

People are waiting for me, but I just realised that have spent the better part of the morning making myself ill.. am just post toilete..
had a bit of a panic/cry as well..

Seems like thiws should be written despite the fact ppl wait – and because this is before visiting the place..